Soaring Above The Small Minded

At times of change we have opportunity and necessity to expand our vision(s). A dear friend sent me a Taoist parable which speaks of this in a wonderfully visual manner:

‘There is a great bird known as the Pieng. Its back appears as broad as a mountain range; its wings are like clouds across the sky. It rises up like a whirlwind until it breaks through the high mist and soars into the infinite blue. As it glides effortlessly along on its journey to the sea, a quail in the marsh looks up at it and laughs. “What does that bird think it’s doing?” Asks the quail. “I jump up and fly a few feet, then I come down and flutter from here to there in the bushes. THAT is what flying is for. Who is that creature trying to fool?”

Ahhhh yes, WHO is that creature trying to fool? No one. It does not think in ‘quail terms.’ The Pieng, in its infinite delight of soaring the blue could be us. We can fly higher when we realize the smallness of our vision, the pettiness in our thinking. We make choices to grow great wings and lift beyond. It may take a few lifetimes, just like learning the really difficult Asanas that defeat our efforts at this time. But what else are we to do? Choose to remain a quail? Choose to never try to grow into our greatness? Choose to remain stiff, read stuck, within? I think not.

I see you as the great Pieng. I hold the vision for you until you can hold it for yourself….as I know you hold it for me, for that is what Angels do for one another. What else is the great Pieng other than an image of an Angelic force field, beckoning us all higher, wider, better, freer?

Asana:Choose the pose that most makes you feel most like a great soaring thing. Move into it with a dedication that you rise above the petty and small. Open to its ‘Pieng breath,’ bathing every cell, then feel yourself begin to rise…against all reason. Believe.

Health Notes: Our imagination holds more than we know. When we connect strongly to seeing, then believing our visions, and put a Practice behind that… we change the world one dream at a time.
Ayurvedically, Vata and Pisces energies need grounding, connection to earth as we prepare our soil fro the changes of spring.

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