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Beginner’s Mind

Sunday, the last day of March, is Spring’s New Moon, beginning the festival cycle Navaratri, which is a ten day opportunity to re-condition body and mind.  This transitional time aligns with the Aires New Moon, the doorway into  seasonal new life.   Bodies often feel internally spacey or tired, especially in the dark of New… Read more »

Happy New Year!

Today is The Astrological New Year-The Vernal Equinox.  This is a powerful day in the Astrological calendar for it offers- yet again another chance to begin.  This time from the opening degree of Aires, with its fiery ruler Mars booting us up and out.  We can use its take-charge impetus to force new seed, new… Read more »

Fiery Commonalities

The sun god, Surya, and Mars, Aires ruling planet, have much in common and support a body ‘becoming,’ growing into selfhood. Both are fiery energies, with a driving will. Aires, being the first sign of the astrological zodiac, supports the soul to understand itself as a separate entity, to express a life force vigorously that… Read more »

Aires as Artes

Aires people love a challenge! “The Egyptians called him ‘artes’ giving the word for arts. Mars symbolized ‘man’s personal, creative expression. Inspirational fire is the motivating force for Aires energy. Mars loves to be ahead of everyone, or the head of anything. They are of course, headstrong. Their glyph represents the Ram’s head. Because of… Read more »

Spring Rhythm

Spring is a wood element, solid, un-stoppable, with the driving energy of a Crescent Moon phase, Astrologically. Spring rhythms claim their space, dancing the power of their visions, knowing they have the ability to inspire others, and lead the way. The Aires, “I Am” mantra replicates the same courage to overcome the odds, for there… Read more »

Becoming Astronomers

Andrew Harvey writes, “Man is the astrolabe of God, but it requires an astronomer to know the astrolabe.” When Harvey asks us to become astronomers it is so we may know, and reflect the cosmos. We possess this incredibly delicate and precise instrument that can measure and understand every layer of being, but we’re not… Read more »

Soul Food

Our best friends remind us of the right stuff. They feed us soul food. They hold our hand when we cross risky roads. They’ve got our back. Crossing between an old life/old friends and new life/new found amis, I am constantly reminded how lucky we are in our vast array of friendships, how profoundly important… Read more »

Aires Re-Birth

Aires energy calls for new life, new experience, and re-birth. Its inspirational fire activates outwardly. ‘Headstrong’ is often appropriate for Aires because of their desire to sow seeds and stimulate others into ardent action.  Like Pitta energy, it is important for them to taking a cooling moment, a deep breath, a forward fold, an upsidown… Read more »