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Fighting Chance

How do we give ourselves a fighting chance when the deck is stacked? How do we change someone who overwhelms the psyche? How do we fight constipated bonfires of rage, destruction, and carelessness? As usual, I have no idea, but in order to change something we must alter the energy that creates it. Therefore all… Read more »

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice occurs usually June 21st, at zero degrees of Cancer, the day the Sun reaches its greatest Northern declination. The sun seems to literally standstill,(sol/sun sistere/to stand still) for three days, a time when the Ancients celebrated through the night(s.) From this point, the pole begins its tilt in the opposite direction, making… Read more »


This the story of a man named Jeff and his bird, Freedom. Ten years ago, a badly maimed baby eagle came to Jeff. She could not stand or fly. Both wings were broken, and even after surgery her left wing didn’t operate or open fully. Despite her emaciation and injuries, Jeff made the choice to… Read more »