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Show Me The Quan!

The world has lost a treasure trove of notable talent recently, and personally, I have lost loved ones of some extraordinary talent.  There are many endings to the world we have known opening confluence to large questions:  What is disappearing that I have loved? What were qualities in those famous lives that gave them value?… Read more »

Astrology & Yoga of Transformation Sept. 12, 2013

Thursday is a First Quarter Moon.  This stage of the Sol-Lunar cycle always asks we step up and put muscle behind the New Moon seeds of intention.  This particular First Quarter is a very demanding one.  Saturn. as task-master is dancing with Mars.  When these two come together-it’s like driving with the brakes on.  It… Read more »

The Great Taskmaster Enters Scorpio

All we want to do is find a cool, quiet space after the fires of the Full Moon. Rest fast. Incoming this week is the large energetic shift of Saturn, the great taskmaster, moving from airy, grace-filled Libra, where it’s lived for the past two and a half years, into the deep, dark, frozen waters… Read more »

Death’s POV

New moons are 28 day deaths. The continuous re-birth cycle of Sun and Moon are the Ha and Tha (Hatha,) the Yin and Yang of earthly life.  This surrendering to death is very like practicing Savasana-Corpse Pose. There are many ways to release the old, and give up what is necessary, but living with and… Read more »

Autumn Rhythm

Autumn people deal with endings, and fertilizing the next cycle.  Pay attention to what has value, and what must be released. It is a metal element; restrained, serene, barren and graceful, like the skeletal structure of a tree against fading autumn light. Dealing with this ending cycle, autumn bodies tend toward the perfection of getting… Read more »

Becoming Astronomers

Andrew Harvey writes, “Man is the astrolabe of God, but it requires an astronomer to know the astrolabe.” When Harvey asks us to become astronomers it is so we may know, and reflect the cosmos. We possess this incredibly delicate and precise instrument that can measure and understand every layer of being, but we’re not… Read more »

All Saints Celebrate

My favorite person asked me this morning, “If we could turn red before we die, do you think we’d mind dying?” “Not so much. Red-imbued, I’d prepare with greater anticipation, more chutzpah, less cringing. It’s a glorious color for death.” We stood in the first rain-light of early morning, surrounded by denuded trees, skeletal in… Read more »

Grown By My Garden

When earth takes a human voice it flows through the flowers of my garden. Each morning they open to bless our time together and later, they offer balm to the closing of the day. In our cycles together a potent relationship of student and teacher grows. These are a few of the lessons I have… Read more »