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Winter Solstice Crossroad

Sol-si-terre-stand still!  Take time to download new dynamic, a heavenly DNA.  Initialize your GPS with greater intention as you listen to the will of heaven.

Howling! Astrology & Yoga of Transformation

ll I can say about this KA-BOOM week’ is…you’d best be howling at the Moon, otherwise what good is it? We are at a crossroads, and if something doesn’t let loose –we ain’t gonna’ ever move forward. Not only do we have a powerful Full Moon tonight, Thursday, but it’s closely followed by the potent… Read more »

‘Sex Death & Taxes’

Today, Nov. 13 is the New Moon, or Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, the territory of ‘sex, death, & taxes’ –which is the easy version. This one exposes our darkest fears and deepest desires.  Any New Moon is a time to go within, and re-consider choices for up coming 28 day cycle, but an Eclipse brings… Read more »

Equinox-Growing Light

This equinox calls us to grow our inner light as powerfully as we respond to the the outer transformation of spring. Those of us who have been in snow’s lock-down, become joy-crazy with the warmth in this light. Even if we have not been held in repressive freezes, it is time to release the dark… Read more »