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Funny Valentines

February 5, 2010 #260 What a bizarre and curious thing is love; mis-matching partners with mis-shapen hearts; aligning the terrifying and the boring, the exacting and sloppy, the imaginary and all too real. Wowsa, sign me up for that conundrum! Indeed. If we ever knew the wild ride we were in for when we stepped… Read more »

Time After Time

Your life, left out in the rain, rises from green folds, Dropping memories, sodden shirts, and ties Across the garden, Planting them selves the moment they are forgotten. Returning as quiet secrets. Did I wait for you thus Once in WW II? I called you in from the rain that night Bombs fell, and stars… Read more »

Walking Hand In Hand

We walk hand in hand Facing forward into leaf-dappled sunlight Straight from last night’s slivery silver sun-straffed moon. In between we dreamed This is the dream. This hand in hand hour seen Precious, shimmering, passing. A morning’s ephemeral mist, A breathless breath rising Here and gone. “Only a dream,” we say Except, we held hands,… Read more »

In Memoria

In Memoria: Blood memory of time Coughed in turbulence that tubercular life An arm severed when but a boy. Blood wedding, for Lorca knew. Blood drained in leaches, through dark lesions When memory could hold no more. Those faces– mine. Known to you. You my mother, my friend, My Captain, my child, my slave. Mated… Read more »