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Happy New Year!

Today is The Astrological New Year-The Vernal Equinox.  This is a powerful day in the Astrological calendar for it offers- yet again another chance to begin.  This time from the opening degree of Aires, with its fiery ruler Mars booting us up and out.  We can use its take-charge impetus to force new seed, new… Read more »

Astrology & Yoga of Transformation-New Moon depth charge

We are moving into the dark of a New Moon on Thurs. 30.  As we close in to renew, it is always a time of reassessment, and this week is especially laden with that energy. Use it to re-affirm, re-interpret, and re-design perceptions about: desire, money, values, relationships and self worth.  In these final days… Read more »

Dark Mistress

The Sun is in Scorpio, an introverted, feminine sign of fixed water. Scorpio rules the generative system, the creative force of physical life. We all carry Scorpio energy somewhere within, and this is usually a place needing regeneration, a place where we prefer to remain hidden, behind the scenes, and where we may sting ourselves… Read more »

Primitive Forces

In this seasonal time of feeling trapped in outworn-outgrown grooves, and having to release many of the year’s hopes and dreams, we activate deeper levels, check into soul territory, and seek Scorpionic regeneration. As the earth contracts toward winter hibernation, a part of us longs to be her microcosm, to imitate her long, last sigh… Read more »

Samantha’s Web

Exquisite webs are woven of intangibles, extruded from an inner force that is binding, tough, and relentless. Like love, they catch the light. Early mornings, with dew glazing their skeins, take our breath away, often when we least expect it. Webs…they come in every size, and shape, hidden away in the oddest places. Opening our… Read more »