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Astrology & Yoga of Transformation for July 22, 2013

If ever you felt like standing and howling under a Full Moon, tonight’s the night!  The Moon sits at 00 degrees of Aquarius, the Sun at 00 Leo, and it’s another ‘Super Moon,’ the third of three in a row, bringing the Moon’s gravitational pulls closer to earth.  Her tidal powers of persuasion are strongly… Read more »

Fingering Secrets

Hands are magical instruments; multi faceted, powerful, tender, destructive. They can be gnarly, spatulate, pudgy, delicate.  The fingers, as emissaries, touch the world, bringing back thousands of impressions full of information.  Brains are activated and trained by working with fingertips, especially during childhood. Hands and feet possess abundant nerve supplies which light up large areas… Read more »

The Great Taskmaster Enters Scorpio

All we want to do is find a cool, quiet space after the fires of the Full Moon. Rest fast. Incoming this week is the large energetic shift of Saturn, the great taskmaster, moving from airy, grace-filled Libra, where it’s lived for the past two and a half years, into the deep, dark, frozen waters… Read more »

Old Babies

Born from the Winter Solstice, pointing toward the re-generation of spring, Capricorn is often an old baby, beset by responsibilities. Often in old age their load lightened, they grow young. Winter is serious business, often with questions of survival. If you were not responsible, if you did not take charge, or follow orders well, you… Read more »

Mountain Goats

Being in Capricorn territory, we want to be the Capt., CEO, or top dog in some way. Like the Mountain Goat, its symbolic animal, Capricorn’s climb in the top mountains. Wherever Capricorn is in your chart, you want to be more in charge, and organized, feel success from your efforts. Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, also… Read more »

Libra’s Shadow

Saturn is exalted in Libra. This stability helps Libra remain centered as she tries to see all sides to an issue, Libra can become too indecisive without Saturn’s shadow of rules and regulations. Paul Valery once wrote. “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” Libra is a beautiful dreamer… Read more »

Tiny Steps/Big Dreams

This year feels more difficult to leap into, no? Is it because it’s opening a whole new decade? Is it that last year we lost hope, there for fear stains new dreams? Most are more than pleased to leave ’09 behind, you’d think we’d be in a rush to move onward. We are, but tentative… Read more »

Hopes & Dreams For 2010

*That I won’t have to tweet more than three times to find out what the Kardashians are having for dinner. *That the TV will not glue itself to another distraught politician, golfer, or latenightLetterman, tearfully confessing to yet another sexual transgression for which they hope to absolve themselves with 20-20 remorse. *That our love affair… Read more »