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Sweet & Sour of Holy Ground

When the ‘moveable feasts’ of Passover and Easter tango together, religious rituals fill the air, and tastes of childhood linger on the tongue through matzo, or peeps. The sour and sweet of holy ground offers both guilt and redemption. It can open the numinous, or close down possibility by orthodoxy. Religious roots can send us… Read more »

Accidental Bumps

Yesterday I took a running spill, coming down hard on lower spine and posterior hip. It forced me toward new thought: One, I need to slow down. Two, it is time to restructure. Bones, ruled by Saturn, hold the physical body in place. Saturn, watch-dogs our boundaries, asking if we have sensible rules & regulations… Read more »

Punxsutawney Phill

Nothing against Aquarians, but February is not a cakewalk as months go. We have spent our money, and bills are due. Pipes are frozen, and you can’t smell spring. We have gained weight, and resolutions haven’t paid off yet. Taxes, like heating bills, loom large. Given that the above are true, what do we most… Read more »