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Namaste Full Moon

Partnering is about creating trust and compassion.  It is about learning where we are trustworthy, and where we are not.  It is about letting the flow of life move through us to another, and back, becoming aware when and where energy is blocked.  Partnering is symbolically a Full Moon event, a face off in the… Read more »


The Autumn Equinox is one of the four potent crossroads in the year’s cycle. Many cultures through time have marked these four quadrant turnings with prayer, ceremony, and celebration. They symbolize gateways in the relationship of light and dark, spirit and matter, outer and inner life. These moments when the world stops to shift, offer… Read more »

Miracles & Wonder

Paul Simon had it right.  “It is the time of miracles and wonder.”  The Universe is instructing us to let go, to devolve, to embrace divine discontent, and it doesn’t matter how we do it.  In this new ‘embrace,’ do we see how destructive we’ve grown, how carelessly we walk upon the earth, how intolerantly… Read more »