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Astrology & Yoga of Transformation Sept. 12, 2013

Thursday is a First Quarter Moon.  This stage of the Sol-Lunar cycle always asks we step up and put muscle behind the New Moon seeds of intention.  This particular First Quarter is a very demanding one.  Saturn. as task-master is dancing with Mars.  When these two come together-it’s like driving with the brakes on.  It… Read more »

The Great Taskmaster Enters Scorpio

All we want to do is find a cool, quiet space after the fires of the Full Moon. Rest fast. Incoming this week is the large energetic shift of Saturn, the great taskmaster, moving from airy, grace-filled Libra, where it’s lived for the past two and a half years, into the deep, dark, frozen waters… Read more »

Punxsutawney Phill

Nothing against Aquarians, but February is not a cakewalk as months go. We have spent our money, and bills are due. Pipes are frozen, and you can’t smell spring. We have gained weight, and resolutions haven’t paid off yet. Taxes, like heating bills, loom large. Given that the above are true, what do we most… Read more »