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Winter Solstice Crossroad

Sol-si-terre-stand still!  Take time to download new dynamic, a heavenly DNA.  Initialize your GPS with greater intention as you listen to the will of heaven.

Winter Solstice

The world we have known is dying. Much of it needs to die. A hard new world is being born, and like all births, it is painful.

Take Back The Night

The numinous has been leeched from our bones by the radioactive society we’ve created.  We worship the maudlin and horrific, the mundane and safe.  We are frightened by mystery and magic.  The ancient mystery of the Winter Solstice has departed, gone in pre-Christmas flounce and flurry.  What was most sacred is now scarcely noted, roared… Read more »

Shankh Mudra for lighting the Winter Solstice

    Extend L thumb and circle it with R hand, closing L hand around the R. Touch R thumb to L middle finger.  Hold to your heart, or throat. This mudra is used during many Hindu rituals to announce opening of the temple doors, letting in the light.  Shankh mudra assists us to open… Read more »

Fiery New Moon Moving Initiating Winter Solstice

Astrologly Notes  We are jumping into this New Moon cycle with the Moon’s fiery birth in Sagittarius, and Uranus, the planet of all things un-expected, shape-shifting, and sudden- finally going direct, after its six months of backward motion.  You might see great ideas opening up, especially if you put something on the back-burner in July. It’s a… Read more »

Impossible to Predict

Is there a better reason for living than to discover who we are?  Is there anything more powerful than becoming our true colors, then sending them out to seep into the world, where as wild dyes they/we sustain, transform, and pigment everyone and everything touched? As the forces of change build to a momentous turning… Read more »

Holy Ground-Holy Sky

In the sacred hour, Known to owls and the mis-begotten,  Barred doors slant open Materia Magicke seeps through. Ageless wisdom thresholds To take the hand Inward to the earth’s center. Out by the birdbath and ancient Oak. The royal sky spreads skeletal in Ice-dark diamonds. Glistening through shadows Patterned on hoar frost. Winter’s constellations; Hydra,… Read more »

Sagittarius & Winter Solstice

In the last week of fall and Sagittarian energy, we approach Winter’s Solstice on the 21st with the added excitement of a lunar Eclipse.  This is another of five lunations in the final degrees of a sign, which like Eclipses tends to pop or push the energy.  Sagittarians love the adventure of walking into new… Read more »