The Realistic-Super Fragile-istic Heart

Dedicated to dear friends around the world…. And strangers becoming friends

Juan Miro wrote, “The power of color reveals the fragility of line.”  Translating that to a heart-practice I write, “The power of love is revealed in lines of fragile durability.  Asking emotional muscle to choose delicate, intelligent lines of response to difficult people and situations, up-grades love to a bold fearlessness, despite its fragility.  And not only for Self, but for everyone touched by our efforts.  This year, in honor of St. Valentin, I commit to wearing love as a powerful color, allowing it to reveal lines of conscious-willingness toward remaining vulnerable, aware, and motivated.

Miro also felt that he wished to ‘assassinate painting,’ and challenge the conventional.  He could only achieve his aims through transgression and the constant reconsideration of his own creative effort.  I say “ditto” when it comes to learning to love as a warrior.  These times call for us to suit up in armor, take to the streets in rebellion, and yet remain vulnerable enough to reach out and hold not only loved ones, but the stranger beside us.

When moving outside of one’s comfort zone, it’s easier to see that the stranger is really us. This is particularly true when moving together. Bodies are nourished by the muscular musicality of breath and movement. Song and dance are rituals of our humanity.  No translations necessary in these heart-practices, for here we cannot lie.  The body is not capable of deception because it is the color, or the language born of heart and spirit. Whirling African dancers directly relay their exuberant joy and physicality. Seeing film of Nazi’s marching in perfect synchronization, you feel their united determination. A young ballerina, teetering on toe, speaks her tremulous story without a word.  We are primitive under our chic. We are fragile under our armor.  (amour/amor/amore).  We bond in love and hate. Choose your color, wear it proudly for all to see your talented, creative, realistic, super fragile-istic heart.  Mine to yours always.

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