The Wow Week Feb. 7-14

 The full speed dynamic of the new presidency will be slowed and circumvented with this week’s Retrograde Station of Jupiter.  The Station will magnify not only the partnerships and alliances Jupiter enlarges during his passage through Libra, but his involvement in the T Square with Uranus and Pluto. Everything is amplified as we are challenged, opened, and impacted on every level. Difficult as it is, we are impelled to dynamic change and unforeseen consequences.

The Jupiter archetype rules the courts, education, foreigners, long distance travel, abundance, publishing, religion and philosophies.  You have seen the enormous focus in these areas, now with the added emphasis of the Station, expect to hear passionate push-back to what keeps stingy, old guard policies in place, a greater cooperation in new alliances, and the travesty of small-minded ideas. These themes were part of the January New Moon which opened the energies of 2017, and they remain at the forefront through Jupiter’s Retrograde passage, ending in April.

The other Planetary Dynamic surge this week is the powerful Lunar Eclipse, February 10, at 22 Leo, triggering the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T Square.  Eclipses are energy shifts that occur when we clean out personal psychological closets.  They also trigger the breakdown of society’s collective closets. Eclipse Seasons (occurring usually twice a year- in pairs) provide transformative doors where old structures, illusions, mis-aligned action and thought are brought out of the closet for review and repair.  The Moon in Leo, archetype of individuality, creativity and heart-energy, opposes the Sun in Aquarius, signature of brotherhood, humanitarianism, and equality. Our shadow and light in these areas will be explored, and we will observe it being played out in the news.

The frenzy peaking with the Full Moon reveals government struggles with the courts and law. The over-amped arrogance of those in power is being met by strangers standing together- for foreigners no less.  The extremes in meanness and anger are pushing business and foreign governments to stand against policies that not only do not not serve them financially and creatively, but it appears that what is good for the heart is good for the almighty dollar.  The extremes we are experiencing are a force toward greater consciousness and compassion.  The worse it gets, the more flexible and innovative we grow.

Your Practice This Week: During this Wow-Week do a Wow-Practice of Yang intensity. Work the anxiety out of your body. Be audacious, and persevere as you breathe deeply and engage profoundly.  Be insightful as you mix demanding poses with those you know well. Integrate your shadow and light, illusion with reality, heart with head. Feel yourself part of your Yoga tribe, yet alone on the mat.  Love what you do and who you are. Allow the contrary and contradictory to flow through your Practice, so that during savasana you totally surrender to what was, and accept who and how you are being re-born.

Your Birthday this week: Do not go in to hyper-drive, rather do your best to step back from the intensity and see the long view.  Jupiter Retrograde, depending where it is in your chart, will be a big player for you all year. You will have greater desires for resolution and new perspectives which will be supported by integrating objective and subjective, inner and outer limitations. The Lunar Eclipse demands that you take time to examine priorities and invested interests.  You cannot assume and move on as before.  Transformation, in some form, is being tattooed across your chest.


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