Virgo Overview

Virgo’s home ground is where we become more precise, practical, and organized  Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, thought-leader, articulate communicator, and definitely a co-ruler to consciousness. Here we leave Leo’s heart-centered ‘me-ness’ to ask others what they think? Are they tweeting?  Is their face in space? What does it all mean?


Virgo expresses the opposite of Leo’s desire to command.  She serves.  Like the Virgin, Virgo seeks to be opened by the force, or passion of life.  They have rich inner material, she is the harvest after all, and Virgo energy works diligently to refine and express her harvest.


Virgo’s demand to clean out, and complete daily tasks is shouting loud & clear come September.  The message of the ‘stars’ is to get ship-shape in every way possible: do baby steps toward new habits, 10 minutes of morning meditation instead of coffee. Become more responsible for health, do a short cleanse. Care for the planet, harvest with gratitude. Without Virgo energy somewhere in our lives, we would not understand the refinement of good habits, the principles of analyzing toward perfection.


Virgo refinement often extends to their looks, unless there are strong mitigating planets.  Mercury ruled bodies tend to be thin, youthful, of medium height, often with blue eyes.  Their modesty has a different flavor than the other Mercury ruled sign, Gemini, which is breezier, and lighter.  It is only when Virgo becomes too fussy and critical that her age shows.

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