Winter Solstice Crossroad


Another season, another closure, another point of departure, and yet another portal of vast possibility. Stampeding over present despair, with distorted ‘good old days-memory’ of faux safety, you can either cocoon, or lean into a leash of risk.  This Solstice is yet another sacred moment with a resonant capacity of choosing a future where life grows, or withers.  2017 has been full of crossroads; Astrological, social, political and personal. Opportunity opened time and again to accept a higher consciousness with deeper heart. Have we? Will we?

In this moment, we are Astrologically initiating a new era, perhaps a symbol of the many directional-forces throughout the year that continually asked: “Is this an opportunity to embody greater purpose?  Am I motivated from both heart and head?  What occludes my inner light?  Have I done my healing work? Have I become a more sovereign being? Have I grown enough courage to throw myself into the unknown with joy? Am I facing soul-choices, or simply – toast with jam?  On this longest, darkest night, in crossing the Solstice threshold once again ask, “What do I want to do with this one precious life?”

Sol-si-terrestand still!  Take time to download new dynamic, a heavenly DNA.  Initialize your GPS with greater intention as you listen to the will of heaven.  Where ever you are, whoever you are, I send blessings of Solstice renewal.  May your dreams be embodied in the returning light, and may you hear the ancients return to bless you and yours.

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