Yoga to pacify Kapha Imbalances

*Since Kapha bodies are usually strong, with great endurance, they respond especially well to Ashtanga, and Iyengar Yoga styles. Find a practice that is warming and stimulating.

*Work Asanas at an energizing pace, and hold Poses longer which helps balance Kapha lethargy.

*Poses that are particularly helpful are: Sun Salutations/Suryanamaskar, which stimulate the nervous system, open the chest and help with depression and obesity.

*Doing Suns, or any practice, between 6:00 10:00 AM and PM, is particularly helpful as these are the hours dominated by Kapha energy, when we move more slowly.
*To open up the chest do: Cobra Pose/Bhujangasa, Camel/Ustrasana, Bridge Pose/Setu Bandha, and Backbends /Urdva Dhanurasana.

*If you are more advanced, the power inherent in arm balances such as Peacock Pose, Firefly/Tittibasana, and Crane Pose/Bakasana, all require fire in the belly to sustain them.

*Do a few vigorous poses every day to boost and maintain energy levels.

*Spend more time in stretches as increasing flexibility is very important.

*Seek new, interesting classes and poses to keep your interest level high.

*Variety in all Practices and diet keeps Kapha Dosha from stagnating.

*When lungs feel congested, use an Eucalyptus scent as spray or as massage oil. It opens and energizes the lungs.

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