Eight Crooks Pose

Asana: Astavakrasana– Eight Crooks Pose, dedicated to the sage Astavakra. Begin with feet about 20 inches apart, knees bent, R hand on floor between feet and L hand on outside of L foot.  Lift belly and bandhas to bring R leg over R arm, resting thigh on back of bicep, above elbow.  Extend L leg out between arms, closer to R hand.  Cross L ankle over R, locking the legs together. On exhale, lift legs off floor, extending them off to R side, squeezing R upper arm between thighs. Bend elbows, bringing torso forward until it parallels floor.  To release pose, straighten arms, lift torso, uncross and release legs, lower them to floor.  Do other side.

Health Notes: The pose may be ‘crooked’ but it puts us on a strong path toward powerful arms and legs.  As in all arm balances, the wrists, shoulders and abdominals are engaged and strengthened.  We start to perceive ourselves as more daring and fearless as we step up to partner more difficult aspects in our Practice. When we practice dying, we straighten out, lie serene and flat, crooks, turns and twisted parts open.