Urdhva Upavistha Konasana

Upward Facing Open Angle Pose

Asana: Urdhva Upavistha Konasana. You can move into this pose either from a seated position, or by rolling back and forth, massaging spine, with knees curled at chest. Roll up to Sitts Bones, slowly extend legs up, grabbing big toes, or legs, while  keeping a steady Drishti/focus for balance.  You can also take the stately approach, extending one leg at a time from a seated position.  Once you are holding the big toes, open both legs out as far and as high as possible.  Bring lower back and chest forward toward thighs.

Health Note: This is not only a Pose to strengthen and lengthen the legs, and abdominals, but it lifts the heart, and demand we learn steadiness when things (a pose) are difficult. Against the odds, when we open the heart and build muscle, we can rise. (Read change.)  Any of the Upavista Konasana Asana assist blood to circulate better in the pelvic area.  It can relieve mild sciatica and prevent development of hernia.  It helps regulate menstrual flow, stimulating the ovaries.