Brain Spanking*

It’s funny the odd confluences that oscillate and dislocate usual thought and discourse. Despite being unconscious of planetary knowledge, our speech and thoughts often reflect powerful planetary configurations. We are energy fields reacting to energy emissions after all.

Thanks to a Saturn/Pluto contact we are ‘brain spanking,’ while running from ‘Yoga police.’ These neurological tracks reveal a propensity for transgression, and punishment, very Saturn/Pluto. These two zodiac masters can bring up the victim/bully polarity. We bully ourselves when we take time out to be ‘lazy.’ Our judgment is worse. Note judgment inherent in ‘lazy,’ opposed to saying ‘rest.’ There is lots of ‘brain spanking’ going on when we are not checking off ‘the list.’ How did that happen?

The Yoga-police come out in force if we become too irreverent. When did towing the Saturn line become the only line in town? When we only show up for duty, bowing to the demanding father within, someone bigger comes along to shake that boney, and it is boney, structure. There is little sweet meat to the strictures of do-do-do. Pluto, being far more powerful in its transformative nature than Saturn says, if your beingness is lopsided, and your inner fires tamped and tamed into nothing but respectability, then I can take you down and put it all into perspective. How about getting so ill you might die; will you change then? Will your work day be 40 hours, not 70? What will it take to create balance out of this relentless intensity?

In the loss of sweet hours of doing nothing, the engine of creative juices withers. Without that ‘wasted time’ we cannot be, we cannot create, we can only do. And mostly we do doo-doo. It’s crap. (That is written with a loud English accent.) If we are not to become spankee or spanker, it is time to be ‘lazy,’ silly, and childlike. Being a dutiful parent at all times kills the inner child. When that part of us dies, hearts waste away, hope fades, dreams lie inert.

*(brain spanking- a term offered by Renata Loree of Yoga Spot)

Asana: Lie under your tree, or kitchen table, in Savasanna/Corpse Pose, dreaming sugar plums, and childish wishes. Let the whistling tea kettle answer the telephone. Invite the cat to lie on your chest then dialogue in sweet nothings. See if when you don’t roll over to resume the drill, you don’t feel fuller, more alive from being ‘dead,’ and silly.

Health Notes: Balance/polarity is everything. If we inhale, we exhale. If we eat, we poop. If we work, we …? If we live, we die. How wonderfully amazingly balanced and coherent is earthly living, despite what it otherwise appears.

Astrology Notes: Some of the Saturn/Pluto harshness is balanced by the vitality and joie de vivre of Sagittarius, whose ruler, Jupiter, funds hope and expansiveness. Jupiter spanks no one, unless it’s through religious zeal, or philosophical idealism.

Ayurvedic Notes: With winter’s cold Kapha imbalances swell, and that can often be literally for kapha in excess can mess with water metabolism, creating swelling, Diseases of the lungs and stomach, especially mucous conditions are aggravated. Remember like increases like, so lay off cheesy pizzas, creamy desserts, and heavy, dull addictive choices.

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