Recalculando ~ A la Izquierda

Today is my birth date.  I am an earthy Taurus being with simple soul-tastes, and big demands.  What am I demanding of this re-birth? “Who has the GPS?  Where am I headed? What do I need?  Will I arrive safely? When? Why go there?”

Last month we went to Spain and used a Spanish GPS whose every second direction was, “recalculando, a la izquierda, a la izquierda.”  This is to say, you are to recalculate direction and go left.  It became funny very fast.  We spent lost time with wonderful family, discovered new places, had adventures, ate large lard sandwiches, and drank rough red wines.  The balancing~the recalculating that life required.

I’ve chosen to see the silly GPS symbolically, a directional guidance for the year.  Despite fears telling me to drive headlong and hard toward a goal, the reverberation of “recalculando” offers an image of a musical, circular path, one of unknown turns leading left, or listening to the left; that feminine, invitational voice asking for trust; She of inspiration and intuition~ A la izquierda, That Left of subtle realms and inner guidance.  Is my GPS right to go left?

My history of trusting the Cosmos has brought its share of disappointments.  It is not without anxiety and fear.  For a Taurus of practical bent, learning to move toward the visionary has been a long and arduous journey.  My Spirit hopes for happy.  My soul sings to surrender limiting beliefs.  But the mind is mule-ish, reluctant to trust, to not work hard, to not step on the gas, to not know.

As I watch news of Syrian and African refugees fleeing home and country,    throwing themselves on the mercy of ‘coyotes’ who abandon them at sea; the fateful portals of Scylla and Charybdis  loom in the imagination.  My fear is inconsequential, my journey puny.  Recalculando, I open to Spirit, not only for self, but for them, for they have given me courage.  May my visions be put to service, may my body move beyond old habitual sorrows in order to turn left, and left again.  Recalculando a la izquierda, a la izquerida.



Happy Birthday my most fabulous and wise friend! I swallow and gulp your prose and welcome all you channel and share through your skilled pen. Much love xoxoxo
~ Nancy (Fancy Pants)


Since much of what ‘I channel’ comes via my wise & wonderful friends, consider that you are simply getting a piece of yourself back at you. Always I thank you for the generosity or your wise sharing.



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