Professionally, Ms. Cameron is one of the most creative, innovative and engaging faculty in our department, with a passion for greater understanding of “movement” in the broadest sense. She is a dancer, teacher and artist that integrates the importance of body, mind and spirit for every student that participates in her physical education classes and the numerous workshops that she offers during the academic year. Samantha’s enthusiasm and commitment to engage and communicate directly with her students is a core strength that she brings to our department’s curriculum.
~ Bridget Belgiovine
Chair of Physical Education, Recreation and Director of Athletics Wellesley College

“If you are seeking information, affirmation, encouragement and illumination with a side order of mysticism, seek Samantha. I speak from years of direct experience!”
~ Karen Mulhern

Samantha’s dance background is intensive and broad, effectively combining her choreography with music, asanas and breath work which offer a plethora of skills and performance experiences.  She facilitates a joyous kinesthetic environment, providing a safe, creative space for her students to express thought and emotion through the mediums of dance and yoga. They discover artistic ways to open the emotional body, learning to risk and empower themselves.
  ~ Connie Bauman,
Professor of the Practice, Department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics, Wellesley College

Like a little levity with your Self Inquiry? Samantha challenges and nurtures our practice with insightful depth. She honors each of our unique journeys, while engaging everyone in the joy and healing of community. She has clearly done her work, and invites us, with wisdom, and grace, to do ours. We learn through asanas, mudras, pranayam, dance, poetry and song, along with the integration of astrological energies. Classes are a creative balance between assistance and acceptance, structural alignment and flowing freely, ever inspired by her unusual music choices, and always with the just right dose of laughter.
~ Elyse Sokol

Samantha’s classes are divine! Not only do we cover the fundamentals of a strong yoga practice and take on challenging poses, but she encourages us to try new, innovative ways of moving and embodying our yoga. She encourages us to move from pose to pose in ways that develop our balance and our ability to navigate change that lead into our lives in profound ways. Her classes keep us on our toes, keep our bodies strong and flexible, and help us move more gracefully through the challenges we face each day. Her neck massages are, of course, the icing on the cake!
As a yoga teacher, Samantha’s classes are my “go to” to keep my practice new and interesting. She certainly keeps us out of any ruts we may be prone to experiencing.
~ Jacqueline Brodnitzki

I have known Samantha since 2004. She is warm, supportive, inspiring, and creative. Her style of yoga is from many forms and disciplines, one being her years of professional dance, the other as a professional Astrologer. Her Shakti Yoga Dances, melding yoga with dance, are a joyous, healing practice. She has a way of appealing to all ages and gender. Many times 50% of her class are men. Also, her students from Wellesley College pop in to participate. Her teaching transforms you body and spirit.
~ Patrice “Pat” Young, J.D.

Hola Samantha!
Veo tus vídeos y están espectaculares, excelentes. Creo que además de la clase, puedes dar en el salón de actos (un precioso auditorio) una performance de Shakti Dance. Es decir, enseñar y también dar una exhibición, si tú lo quieres…
En cuanto al artículo que ofreces, podemos publicar en noviembre un texto (el que dices, u otro más extenso), de unas 800 palabras. Y además, para enero, una entrevista contigo (por Skype?).
Y muchas gracias por ayudarnos a la promoción!
Miriam agradece tus saludos y envía cariñosamente los suyos. Lo mismo para Allan.
Un abrazo y seguimos en contacto.


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