• Get your goove on, get it right, be skillful, refine your ideas, be practical, and aware of detail, enhance your skill set to keep life in order. We open the week under a First Quarter Moon in Virgo. We need this ‘refined kick-start’ to a week of confused mayhem.

The Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces, AND Squares Jupiter. Our emotions long for safety and a sense of known home. But the lunar/emotional body is caught between overwhelm, no structures, feelings of loss, spiritual longing, and desire for drugs. If you can’t find correct, plausible answers, you’re not alone.

  • By week’s end, a complex structure called a Grand Cross, brings the personal up against the transpersonal. This makes BIG, overwhelming influences express personally. The good news is that within this complex pattern, answers begin to emerge.



I don’t know about you, but we have been lost in a sea of information, mis-information, or no information, which has riddled the body with fear, exhaustion and distraction. This week ramps up greater confusion, but if we stay the course, gather information, be realistic and productive, we will begin to move into clarity under the Full Moon on the 17th, especially as the Moon lines up with the Galactic Center, a black hole that reels with energy and mysterious impact. (More to come on the 16th)

The great ‘ahaaa’ of a Sagittarian Full Moon calls in big picture know-how. It often offers a new, expanded direction, and with any luck-the joy of it. The Grand Cross pattern pulls in the Jupiter/Neptune square (I wrote about last week, which can make us feel we are not only disconnected, but possibly connected to two worlds; not able to be real in either. There is another push-pull reflected in the opposition of a Mars/Saturn face off, aligned with the Nodes. Mars with the North Node, pushes toward new territory in Cancer: Be kinder, more nurturing, and empathetic. In other words, use your Emotional Intelligence! It is pulled back into the old world of Saturn, and the South Node of Good ole’ boys and their rule of law. This is the battle line that challenges and defines the future.

The road ahead may be a detour, or take us to the ‘wrong location.’ But if you plan, stick with the work, organize, and listen to intuition, even the wrong road will be the right one. The future is coming at us with such a speed that the best we can do is trust ourselves, stand on our integrity, grow greater wisdom, embrace the support of friends and drive on!



In order to work frustrations and confusion out of the body, SHAKE for five minutes; Then make time for a strong practice. Focus on moving from the core, with the breath as extended guide. Work on balance. Keep asanas simple, and grounded, working the inner line of legs to connect up from the earth. When life gets me down, I love finding a beautiful chant to sing. It elevates the practice into a time of joy and sweet beauty. When we sing or chant, there is a simplicity of line that carries us forward.


The confusion and questions you have at this time are here to take your life up a notch, into your ‘next life.’ Ask yourself what’s really important, and don’t drift far from that, despite the many distractions. You are on an unknown road, listen to your intuitive GPS. Try not to repeat old practices, despite it feeling safer. Go toward the unknown. It promises to be a year of multi-tasking, multi-choices, making it critical to stay grounded, balanced and healthy. Take extra time for new habits, they will serve you well. (Simple Tips to help: stand in bare feet on green grass, spend time at the ocean, move from the core, meditate and visualize you are planted and connected, eat more root vegetables, drink more water, be with friends who listen, get off the grid!)


 JUNE 12, Wed. 5:15 & 7 PM. Integration of body & mind; grounding of heart and soul lay to rest confusion and over stimulation. The physical is served by subtle body tools of: mantra, mudra and breath. Laughing Dog Yoga.

JUNE 14, Fri. 10:30-11:30 AM, Graham Technique. Learn how to really lift your bandhas, and put core strength into movement. Through winding twists, re-winding, contraction and release the body strengthens, balances and learns new levels of control. The Studio, 1 Edson Rd, Natick.

JUNE 15, Sat. 8:30 and 10 AM, classes will be Yang-intended, expressing Full Moon fire in the belly! The weekend’s expanded Sagittarius energies express abundant-more is more. The Studio, 1 Edson Rd, Natick. RSVP-

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Thank you for your insightful intelligence! It’s helped me to see my life in new ways, from a better perspective.” Dawn Marie M.


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