Let us dance into a beautiful April, greet the arrival of the Easter Bunny, find gratitude at being passed over in the beauty of Passover, and begin fasting for Ramadan on the 13th.  ( I love that ‘Ramadan is from the Arabic ‘Ramidha, or Ar-Ram meaning intense scorching heat. As it takes place in fiery Aires, it carries a perfect planetary parallel.)  The month of April has always held spiritual awakenings and celebrations, along with the magnificent birth of spring, in the Northern Hemisphere. Let’s open our eyes to the beauty, the hope, the slow rebirthing of our world into its Renaissance.
When you read of April’s shifting energies, note it is important to pay greater attention to care for our bodies, and for Ma Earth, especially during the second half of the month. But now, in April’s opening salvo, set up not only health, but restorative emotional practices, especially those that bring us ‘home to self.’   With the first half of April led by many planets in the fiery exuberance of Aires, and the second half of April filled with planets in earthy, practical Taurus, now is a good time to think about creating balance on many levels so that we may move seamlessly through many shifts in the coming weeks.

April might be a month to solve collateral damage.  2020 took us down.  We are in recovery mode, and so ready to move on, but on to what?  April energizes us to be hopeful.  The fly in the on-going ointment is the square between Saturn and Uranus, which is one of this year’s BIG energetic confrontations….all year long.  It instructs us to proceed with caution, and dedication.  In the ebb and flow shift of their relationship through 2021, focus on the process, as results will shift, along with our ideas on just what results are needed.  Focus on your joy in that process.  (A note to all birthdays held between Jan 28-Feb. 5;  those between April 28-May 5;  July 28-Aug. 5;  and Oct. 27-Nov. 5.  These are the four fixed-sign areas of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio that are most affected by the Saturn/Uranus fisticuffs in 2021.  You will more personally aware of the profound changes needed, and the assistance you need to make these changes.  Remain flexible, be attentive to signs and signals within your self and the outer world.  Take special care of your physical and mental health.  Please know that great rewards are very possible from the work you do, and the influence you exert! )  Start with this weekend’s celebrational-enthusiasm to celebrate with your pod-people. Bring greater awareness into just how you want to rekindle age-old, beloved rituals…..step by step we find our way forward.

This first half of April, featuring the heat of Aires passion and commitment, offers ideas and possibilities which we put to use in the Taurus second half of the month. Ergo, in this extrovert half of April, plan with enthusiasm, be positive, and inspire others.  Be as clear as you can, so others are informed of your intentions. There is a lot of ‘push’ at the ready, so beware of throwing fuel on an already hot set up. Mercury, planet of communication and ideas enters Aires on the 3rd, leaving sweet, watery Pisces, where it tended to wander and be confused.  We now move from dreaming to planning.  Use your enthusiasm toward ideas around new communication skills.  Will you Zoom/not zoom? Will you drive into work? Not commute?  Will you meet safely with others?  How far is too far in the number of people you are willing to be with?  Much of this is Mercury’s territory of decision- making, transportation and communication.  During the second half, or cooler, introverted weeks, put ideas toward a useful outcome.  Be steadfast and practical, but don’t become so attached to your program that you can’t change.  When Taurus energy arrives, it can be intractable

April’s energy shifts:

4/3  Mercury, planet of communication and thinking, leaves Pisces, where confusion with creativity held sway in March.   Entering Aires, Mercury might want to mind a fiery tongue before lashing out….or better yet, commit to making a good idea -GREAT!

Venus, goddess of love and value is in Aires until the 14, when she moves to Taurus, where she rules.  Expect relationships to run hot and cool.  Venus in Aires is the Warrior Queen.  Don’t mess!

4/9 Mars, planet of physicality, commitment, and anger, now in inquisitive Gemini, squares Neptune, creating hot, steamy crusading crusades, and hopefully pushes creative boundaries. Expect lots of hot ideas, fiery tongues, and fast driving!

4/11 New Moon in Aires, ruled by the warrior Mars.  Since Aires is the first sign of the zodiac, and New Moons are always a signature of beginning, this is a very strong lunation to wipe the slate clean, set exciting intentions, and plan a great new beginning.  As this New Moon hugs Venus it can easily harmonize and attract abundance….But it will be intense as all three planets are squared by Pluto.  Remember that squares bring a turning point, a push come to shove, show me the quan, and let the rest go.

4/19 Sun and Mercury enter Taurus, ruled by Venus, cooling down the Aires combustion.  When in Taurus-land we move from the body, we listen to the earth, we are sensuous, stubborn, and seductive.-

4/26-27 A Super Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus, also ruled by Mars!  Full Moons reveal secrets.  They signal endings, and closure.  We come to see what we have been struggling with.  They offer light to relationships, all polarities of Self and other.  This one is a doozy, as not only is it a Super Moon, closer to earth, Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio, AND it is timed to ‘lift off’ as Pluto, the other co-ruler of Scorpio, goes Retrograde.  This is a lot of intensity, fueling frustrations around deep, hidden issues ready for implosion.

4/27  Pluto, planet of regeneration, transformation, power and control is vibrating strongly as it stops to turn and go ‘backward’ -until Oct. 6.  It rules the Scorpio Moon so expect many emotional secrets of the high and mighty to be revealed, especially those involving sexual misconduct, mis-use of power and control. We are put on notice to let go, let god, and gird our loins to become better power-brokers.

Remember to stop and enjoy every moment you can.  Blessings your way- Samantha


A  RITUAL MOMENT:  There is enough inherent ritual in our spring festivities to light the world.  Share your faith, your spiritual expansiveness, your spring gifts.  Reach out with an egg, or two, or throw peeps at your friends in a ‘drive-by.’

THE BIRTHDAY WEEK: Thiswill be a year offering you opportunity to heal, and eliminate old fears.  As you feel your inner growth expanding, you are more willing to reach out and repair old relationship-wounds and tears, which builds greater confidence.  It is an opportunity to face life with a fiery uplifting hope.  Be sure to pay attention and care for your health,  as you have much to accomplish!

It’s a perfect time for a CONSULTATION to review the life you’ve lived, and the new one you are entering. Contact Samantha Cameron at Samcatcam@gmail.com.

YOUR PRACTICE: We are ‘translating the light’ this week,  carrying the Full Moon’s emotional charge toward next week’s Aires New Moon. Use the ‘translation’ to move into April’s long awaited pleasures.   Imagine pecking out of an eggshell, hopping away from a cooped-in cocoon, dropping away winter sweaters, releasing old fears, and preparing an April outfit of many colors.  How does that feel?  That’s what guides our Practice.  We shall pull away the veil, move toward spring’s spirit-celebrations, and nourish body and soul with spring-green-light, grown from our core, growing out through fingertips.


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