August 2-10


Are you surrendering to the sweet dog days of summer?  Are you swimming in halcyon nights under meteor showers and the Milky Way? Are you using August as a tender time to be still, and listen to your inner wisdom?  I hope so!  We need a stable happy place within to withstand August’s tumultuous, rebellious energies of anarchy and zeal. If you’re dancing with the Cosmos, your steps are one forward, two back, kick it left, then left again before leaping into big forward plans.  2022 opened at full speed with all planets in direct go-mode. As we enter August, five of the ten planets are Retrograde, with Uranus, the great visionary sky god preparing to slow and reverse at the end of August.  We enter Fall in full ‘fallback’ mode, especially when Mercury takes its third Retrograde pass, 9/9-10/2.  Despite present planetary extremes, surprises, and breakthroughs that need careful composition, taking introspective time is critical.  With the helter-skelter heat infusing this month, especially August’s first two weeks of the Mars/Uranus/North Node tango, (See last week’s newsletter for information on their energies: ) you want to move to a slower, steady Taurus-rhythm to withstand surprises and extremes. 

This volatile conjunction of hot, destabilized energies is only one of the potent energies infusing the world’s profound transformation at this time.  Please stand tall when you remember you chose to be born into this time to become a ‘change-agent.’

There are three major breakdown/breakthrough demands at this time.

  1. Pluto in closing degrees of Capricorn signifying the end era of big business, banking, top-down economy, reign of the patriarchy, and misuse of masculine power- be you male or female.  Pluto, as the furthest planet out from earth we know of, is not likely to offer a personal, conscious understanding of its transformational prowess, especially as its inner work forces us to deal with depths of emotion, loss, and obsession.  As the great lord of the underworld, Pluto’s job is to bring death to that which is not working in his areas of ‘expertise.’  
  2. America is having its first Pluto Return, (A return is whenever a planet cycles around to come home to itself,) and signifies a report card time asking: how did we do?  What’s not working? What must be changed, challenged and fixed before we move on? This is much like the request of any Retrograde period of a planet.  Since Pluto’s muscle is about control, power, regeneration, death and transformation our country is enduring huge misuse of power, especially by the old patriarchy, who unconsciously feel their power slipping away. Due to their fears of losing their way of life, we are again taking up arms for women’s rights, real equality for all, and gun control as the perfect symbol of violent masculine power.  A Pluto return takes place around every 244 years, so we have never experienced its destabilizing darkness.  Almost impossible to predict his road of destruction as so much depends on how we handle the dark master.  We clearly did not handle him well in the past, choosing to sweep his dark shadow out of sight.  Now, we have no choice for what lay hidden refuses to be ignored and will continue to rise and destroy until we transform.  Plutonian Power forces us to dance with dark and light to become aware that we are partnering with the soul of our country.
  • Aiding and abetting the breakdowns and breakthroughs in the economy, politics, and eco protection are the Moon’s karmic nodes traveling through Taurus and Scorpio.  The North Node requires courage to move into an unknown future, pointing to areas needing a higher intention and enthusiastic planning. The North Node in Venus-ruled Taurus calls the world to make better choices with land-use the ecosystem, money, value, and relationships. Standing in opposition to the forward-pointing finger.” The South node in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, asks the world to release, and forgive Scorpionic mistakes around issues of power and the right use of will.  We are to heal dark hidden emotions, both within self, and society.  Facing shadow material to release and learn from the past is essential.  The fact that the Taurus North Node is embraced by Mars and Uranus makes their ‘climactic conjunction’ oh so important.  This calls us to our future.  From this planetary ‘birthing’ of Mars/Uranus, we are to create an enlightened future, not a chaotic, angry journey.
  • An equally, but quite different instructive/deconstructive energy is the challenging Saturn/Uranus square that was 2021’s template. (Saturn as Father Time, asks for mastery, patience, perfection, and boundaries.)  This was visually apparent in the streets of rebellion against police and government; chaos VS rules of structure.  We are almost finished with this slow-moving life-changing aspect but it’s rising once again through the fall and is presently being detonated by a Mars square to Saturn. Before you get in a bind and can’t get out, plan your daily care, and infuse it with lots of joy. Create stability for chaotic change.  Spend quiet time with ‘soul-Self’ -questioning what it needs.  Where are you headed?  What needs to change in order to be happy?  What stands in the way?  Take care of old issues that continue to raise anxiety and doubt.  The planetary force-field is helpfully destroying the old, and providing new opportunities to move on with a higher vibrational GPS.

 Planetary conflicts of conflagration need integrating, and the discovery of a middle way or Wu Wei, meaning inaction, or effortless action.  This is often a difficult job requiring courage, ongoing patience, and a big listening ear. One of the major needs now is to is not only integrate the energetic issues above but use the enormous might of Jupiter in Aires to discover a different enthusiasm and passion to support new thought when planning. When we call risk to us, we love the adrenaline of leaping off tall buildings and defying authority, but rolly-polly, gaseous Jupiter is such a master of “MORE” that it easily becomes too much. Be careful with this excessive, unadulterated, individualistic drive. Put grounded, empathetic practices into place to hold your sweet spirit before blasting off.  

Rosanne Cash said, “My politics are the politics of empathy.”  Amen sister!


*Feel free to forward this newsletter. AND please share the poster of the Shakti Yoga Dance Training to any and all interested in reviving their Practice with mindful layers of creative healing!

YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  Because bodies are still reeling from the wild and wooly rinse off last week’s New Moon multiplicity of emotion, we are infusing body, brain and emotion with stabilizing slow flow, letting all the parts integrate and inform one another that ‘we are here for you.  We support you.  We love our Practice with you. Take the next step.  Life is good.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  Listen to your heartbeat.  Honor your emotions.  Spend more delicious time with yourself.  Last week I wrote, and it remains true for birthday celebrants this week:  “It may be a year when you experience a rich range of growth, especially around your expression- be it creative, or one on one.  Be mindful of staying grounded and present through unexpected change, synchronicity, and ‘heated environments.’ Know that this year is a game changer for you as the BIG THEMES heading the newsletter are yours to engage, fight for and enjoy!  Have at it, my fine Leo Queen/King!”

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