Jan. 3-10


“To be nobody-but yourself-in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight.”

E.E. Cummings


 We have grown resilient, more connected, and more soul-conscious.  We know who we are from time spent alone. In this year’s accelerated unraveling let’s put these talents toward Aquarian goals of equality, diversity, and peace.

Energetically, we are already manifesting the biggest issues of ’21;  the face-off of conservative VS progressive; the status quo VS innovation; And the eco destabilization of earth (Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus.)

Opportunities will abound to align, enlarge and engage life, but know setbacks, and unexpected hard right turns will call for us to rely on core beliefs to dance on together.

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Much of this year’s inner work may have better success if we listen to right brain/left brain communication, creating a quiet space for them to translate and partner one-another. Because the Aquarian Air element has moved in to take over last year’s dense Capricorn energy, the world needs ‘we the people’ to communicate and work together as we grow more innovative through the use of our unique talents. As you fashion the year ahead, plan on upgrading: vision, imagination, objectivity, personal vibration, working with source energy, and the spiritual realm.

This week is a practice session in juggling change and staying centered.  Three personal planets change signs asking us to behave and respond differently to daily life.  On Wednesday Mars, finally (since June 28) leaves his home of Aires to move into earthy, sensuous Taurus.  This is a move from impulsivity, impatience, and headstrong fire to cautious, stubborn, determined earthy-attitudes. Friday, both Mercury then Venus shift. Mercury enters Aquarius, joining Jupiter and Saturn. If you haven’t cooked with Aquarian energy before, this with give you a taste. These three planets now urge the world to think outside the box.  We are more progressive, humanity-centric, tech-oriented, and ‘uniquely modern’.  Normally Mercury is in a sign for about three weeks, but he goes Retrograde Jan. 30th, lengthening the Aquarian visit.  Mark your calendars and prepare to back up or buy technology now, as this Retrograde promises to be very Eeeek-oriented. It will square Uranus, the planet of shock and change, and ruler of Aquarius….talk about ‘outside the box’!  Venus, last planet shifting gears, moves from abundant Sagittarius to constricted Capricorn.  Venus will not be nearly as uplifting as she was. We shall come to terms with economic realities, the serious side of security, self-worth, and relationships. Find help soothing the nervous system here- anxiety and stress.

With Saturn as ancient ruler, and Uranus as modern ruler of Aquarius, plus beginning the year with Jupiter and Saturn at 00 Aquarius, a first step in the next 200-year journey through air signs, we are asked to remove the blinders and see what we can do to create a new Renaissance.  The first Renaissance entered with the same shift of earth to air announcing closure on the dark ages, with first uplifting steps into greater equality, innovation, shared resources, and communication.

A  RITUAL MOMENT:  Have you found a ritual moment in your week to come home to Self, to envision a guiding ‘bright light,’ to sigh a quiet blessing?  I hope so.  The success of any Practice is same time, same day, same place.  NOW is a perfect time to dedicate yourself to YOU.  Keep dancing like no one’s watching! Despite not looking like the beautiful dancers above, you nurture body and soul, creating enormous joy when in motion with the music.

YOUR PRACTICE:  Moving out from under the Full Moon of nurturing, watery emotions, carry some of that energy in your body as we face a week of shift and change.  Stand the mat. Stop in stillness. Listen to the inhale of prana of new life, the exhale of release. Feel balanced and centered.  If you can’t find center, come into Shiva’s Mudra. (Stand on one foot, one hand up-the other down.  You are centered between ‘welcome and far enough.’ ) Pay greater attention to ‘standing your ground’ and feeling rooted through balancing poses.  Give yourself the gift of a longer savasana.  When you roll to rise, feel re-born, ready to re-engage from greater heart.

BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS:  My dear, stalwart Capricorns we know you are depleted after last year’s BIG hurrah through your sign. Now it’s time to surrender, stop, restore to renew before plunging onward.  Empower your present with naps.  Fill your emotional-well before dancing a new tune.  Much depends on how skillfully you can release old wounds, and stale habits.  Expect to lighten your load, feel freer, and more able to reach out. …but less in control, which is especially hard on Capricorn’s love of structure and stability.  Take care of yourself first. Small daily rituals help you re-focus and re-align purpose. Tap into the abundant spiritual support available. Let go of the need to be in charge~ trust more.

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