April 30- May 5


Together, we enter this threshold day, awakened by chartreuse green explosions

As every leaf unfurls in splendor, announcing “I’m here!”

Suddenly~ bowers flower overhead, Intricate branching embraces the sky,

Sounding echoes of Llorca’s Romance Sonambulo

“Verde que te quiero verde. Verde viento. Verdes ramas.”

Smoke rises from the fires of Bel cleansing the dead and rotting

Room for faith to rise, asking more, again, love blooms, revealing wonder.

“Verde que te quiero verde. Verde viento. Verdes ramas.”

Wisdom Body notes  April 30~Cinco de Mayo

I had not thought to make this week’s Astrological notes personal, but this photo strangely popped up, reminding me of an immense joy from several years ago, on another Beltane day, and I wish to share that joy with you at this re-birth time. The photo was taken after teaching a Shakti Yoga Dance workshop, thanks to my amazing friend Edwige Mazzi. (At les4grands Vents, Loriol du Comtat, France). This spring, returning for the first time since Covid, I taught a workshop of wonderful women, and spent precious time with our ‘Famille des Amis Française..’  

As we enter May through the ancient threshold of Beltane, celebrating the Celtic god of fire, Bel, we also celebrate the new non-Covid life, which is wonderful, confusing, or possibly illuminating. Build a bonfire so the smoke can bless and cleanse your spirit, garden, and home.  Weave a dance under a May-Day Maypole, and stand in silence at the doorway of a new month, and possibly new life rising within. May opens us to greater abundance, as well as on-going Eclipse shifts, confusion, and surprises.  But we are now in ‘Taurus Season’ which cools and slows Aires warrior heat.  We find we have a greater appreciation of sensuality, simplicity, friendships, and joyful mud-slinging!

Despite the weeks during ‘Eclipse Season’ when abrupt right turns take us into unknown territory, requiring a larger perspective,  know that surreal confusion also opens doors to opportunity.  The Cosmos is sending messages of liberating revolution, offering a greater ability to visually and imaginaly create unknown possibilities. Stop to celebrate what you have, who you are, and who you love.  Hold tight to what you value as it’s all transforming,  We began feeling the world shift on its axis when Pluto entered Aquarius the last week of March.  Pluto is not a personal planet as much as a director of social change.  With his move in and out of Aquarian energy this year, we are in a paradigm shift, requiring our perception of reality to open wider.  Consider all the articles, news, podcasts, and alerts we’ve seen on AI these past two months.

Adding to what at best is we call ‘transformational change,’ is Mercury’s back-assed Retrograde~ until May 15, demanding we review and ‘translate’ ideas, and information differently. Hopefully, its ‘slowdown review process is helping us put more thought into communication. It’s interesting that Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, even Pluto changing signs all ask we clean out what is no longer viable.  We cannot move forward carrying a dead bear across our backs.  What or who is your ‘dead bear’?  Skin it, grill it, and consume what nourishes you, leaving bones for the Vultures.

Upcoming in May is:  If you are a change-agent, you will love sweet May!

1. May 1Pluto turns Retrograde at 00 Aquarius. We shall not see his slow slide back into the closing degrees of Capricorn until June.  His ‘Station’ or dead stop consumes most of May.  Remember that when any planet ‘stations’ its energies are 10-fold.  They rule the moment, or month in this case. You will feel his force field within through issues of power and control, sex, death, and taxes.  You will see his force field without news of banking surprises, big business losses, and secrets being revealed, especially of big bossy leaders in politics, business, and international governance.  The exposure of top-secret material affecting our country and alliances is a perfect example of  Plutonian drama.

2. May 5 is the second spring Eclipse at the Full Moon, in mid-degrees of the power sign of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto.  (Need I say more?) Let’s pray that the fires of Beltane light our way out of Scorpionic depths of hidden, subconscious wounding, and reveal to us our misuse of power.  Free advice is to take time now to heal what ails, to spend time delving into subconscious drives, and salvage what you care about.  Resolve what you can and let the rest go.  Remember that all Full Moons are more emotional, and with the Moon in Scorpio, she is deeply and profoundly emotional, as well as instinctual.  Plus, Uranus, the great sky god of radical surprise and chaos is sitting on the Taurus Sun. Begin your prayers for peace now. Connect with your body, and your Emotional Intelligence, especially if you feel like ‘Chicken Little.’  so you know how to consciously stay in your soul alignments when the sky starts falling.

3. May 7- June 5, Venus swims in Cancer, sign of home, family, country, emotion, and intuition.  If you feel safe? This can be a wonderful opportunity to open the heart wider, feel the emotions more powerfully, and connect not only with family but friends and strangers with a radiant spirit.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and as such is tender and sensitive, so if your feelings get hurt, try to respond, not react.  And pay attention to what and how you express yourself with others.  It’s not just YOU who are so tender and sensitive.  Take time to look outside old perceptions and fears, especially while Mercury remains Retrograde.  Continue to double-check not only ‘just the facts, ma’am,’ but the emotional compass.

4.  Jupiter enters Taurus May 16-17.  This may bring some of the peaceful slowdowns we yearn for. If Pluto is a slow, heavy catalyst for change, then Jupiter is a GPS for an optimistic expansion of beliefs and wisdom.  Jupiter spends 12 months in a sign, so we have had a fiery Aires year of speed and passionate demands….as in `”What about ME?” The move into Taurus brings comfort from simple pleasures, with a stronger sense of physical capacity as Taurus is very body-centric.  We shall hopefully grow more conscious, with desires to lift our vibration, as Jupiter is a teacher who desires to inspire.  With Jupiter in Taurus, and Taurus being ruled by Venus, we shall be swimming in sweeter energies of abundance, equanimity, and hopefully peace.  The only downside of Jupiter is his “More is more” mantra.  So, don’t over-spend, over-eat, or over-assume.  I will write about this energy more as we move more deeply into the month.

5. May 19 is the New Moon in Taurus, with Mars moving into Leo, followed by the Sun moving into Gemini on the 21.  A big weekend to shift and morph yet once again.  Information on all these energies shall come your way before either of us know it..

In the meantime, become a catalyst for change.  Design a new space suit, and dress up your motivation.  If your old recharge station has died- seek another.  If a friend has died, you can’t replace them, but find another who appreciates your stories.  If work doesn’t offer pleasure, then move to another job or transform the one you’re in step by tiny step.  ‘Tis the time to turn to the unknown and walk across the threshold.  Let the fires of Beltane guide you.


If you’d like to know how your personal chart is affected by these planetary events, contact Samantha for a deep-diving consultation into your life:  samcatcam@gmail.com, or text 508-505-7700. https://dailybreathjournal.com/astro/astrology/

Join the dance of opening to your inner renegade. How do you wish to transition into a different future? Begin now! #WisdomBody #CosmicInfluences #TeacherTrainings #ShaktiYogaDance #AstrologicalEnergies #SoulDance



YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  With both personal Mercury and outer planetary Pluto Retrograde, this is a time to slow it down, and reconsider the Practice that deeply nurtures you, ALL of you!  Listen to your intuition, go deep for what is best and right for you in every moment, then take tiny steps toward more power through your personal practices toward new life.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  As usual, you Eclipse babies are in for a year of change!  With the Full Moon shining its light on your path around the Sun, expect to dive ‘Scorpio-deep.’  Expect to transform old emotional habits, especially those that hold you back.  Take out big scissors and cut away old shadow material to free you for the wonderful and new waiting to enter.  A Taurus Sun requires that you acknowledge your self-worth and value, that you pay attention to your body and what offers you peace and protection.  This year is about a NEW YOU,  making it a perfect time for an Astrology consultation.  Email: samcatcam@gmail.com


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