jan. 22-Feb. 1


Bathed and born again under the Aquarian New Moon, we swim in the archetypal language of community, uniqueness, freedom, and love.  The Sun and Moon rebirth in the first degree of Aquarius is a revolutionary call for change, leading society out of a worn-out top down masculinity into a new sisterhood/ brotherhood of mutual support and understanding.

As a symbol, this lunation speaks her feminine mystique loudly as she is a ‘Super Moon, over 17,000 miles closer to earth than usual.  She is the first of three Super Moons in a row that will rock us, creating higher tides, deeper watery emotions, moving tectonic plates, and rattling nervous systems. Aquarius, as the 11th of the 12 signs in the zodiac, is a societal-step toward individuation. Its job is to raise ‘group consciousness,’ and lead us into the 12th sign, Pisces, which asks for ‘spiritual consciousness.’ With Venus moving into Pisces, Jan. 28, we shall soon stand arm in arm, dancing in the streets.  If only!

We stand at a new 28 day gateway for ‘big-minded’ ideas about shifting community alignments, seeded by spiritual desires within other planets layered into the New Moon birth. The biggest boom-bah is Uranus, the great sky god of change and higher mind, turning direct.  His energy is palpable, making sleep hard to come by. Surprises, both wonderful and difficult, are often sudden, even explosive.  It’s a time to pay attention to synchronicities. As Uranus travels through Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, not only are bodies affected, but the earth is often shaken by earthquakes, destructive storms, firestorms and volcanic action.  What is important personally is to take advantage of the mind opening to a higher vibration, with opportunities to re-set our mental GPS.  With Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, being jefé of the New Moon, you can see how the Aquarian energies are greatly amplified at this time, a perfect moment to visualize the community you long for, the relationships you hope for, and a world we will to take better care of herself.

Slotting into these same energies, and embedded into this re-birth, but from a different viewpoint, is the conjunction of Venus and Saturn. Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, sharing his archetypal force with Uranus, the modern guru, as he directs Venus toward her personal path ~ quite different than her usual flirty, fun self.  A Venus /Saturn birth, which every conjunction represents, affects us personally as we use Venus energy constantly through relationships, love, finances, and self-worth.  When old man Saturn dances with Venus, we are offered very divergent choices in how to respond and behave.  A Venus/Saturn partnering can make us feel less than, weeny, or not perfectly beautiful and worthy.  BUT it also offers choices to consolidate love, clarify financial, or love intentions, define boundaries that serve us, and a relationship better, plus construct lasting and valuable, step by step sensibilities of self-worth.

At this time, it’s important we take a step back before rushing on. Examine old fears, especially anxieties around relationships and finances, a Venus-focus affecting any planets in Taurus, therefore transiting Uranus, slowly moving through Taurus. What we have is a mosh-pit of divergent energies all affecting one another as they give birth to the days ahead.  Yes, it’s complex, and you will note speed picking up as we have no Retrogrades pulling time backward until April 21.  Yes, it holds surprises, possibly shock and awe.  Stop whining, you won’t be bored.

As citizens of the world, we have a job to do.  Grow longer arms to embrace the world, and Self with non-judgmental acceptance, if not love.  Grow awareness of becoming a conduit of transformation.  Find new ways to collaborate. Follow the North Node in Taurus, which is somewhat like following your North Star.  The nodes are a directional GPS guiding the world from past to future by asking us to relinquish what is old and no longer serves~ this is the South Node. We head into the unknown by following the North Node, which is always a higher vibration, requiring courage.  With the South Node in Scorpio, our task is to move from mis-use of power and control, and understand how we harm through manipulation~ both Self and others.  The North Node in Taurus, ruled by Venus, seeks higher forms in relationship, greater care of the earth and of our bodies.

The Chinese New Year of the Black Water Rabbit offers parallel energies….. Energy is energy.  It manifests in similar form no matter what we call it, or where it comes from. This Chinese archetype for the year is warm, fuzzy, artistic- a Venus offering if you will.  This sets a lovely template for a year of greater warmth and joy.  It’s certainly connected to the Moon’s Yin femininity and harmony, and gives a sweet break from last year’s ferocious Water Tiger energies.  Under the bunny, we are to come together to nourish, create, heal, and share bounty.  “Make it so~ The force is with you!”

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YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  Be inventive with whatever you are doing.  Combine unusual aspects of different practices.  Listen to what your body craves. Listen to the heartbeat of your life and ask “What dance needs this rhythm?” Prepare for speed, wonderful surprises, and fascinating synchronicities.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  You may find that you are more of a warrior than you thought as Mars is prominent in your upcoming cycle around the Sun.  Use it for courage and commitment, rather than impulse moves. Get clear before you make big moves as Neptune is also part of your birthday package.  Neptune is lovely for elevating spirituality and creativity, but always brings confusion, so take time to get clear before going on the ‘warrior’s path.’   Remember to enjoy all of it!


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