July 9-18


Where are you as we enter the second half of 2021?  Are you feeling Crabby? Creative? Empowered? Magical?  In disarray? Lost? Dedicated? Wobbly? Touchy? Inconsequential? Visionary?  We remain in unchartered personal and global territory, despite desires for a known ‘normal.’  This makes the body nervous, and the mind anxious. It may feel we are moving through concrete, or moving at light speed.  Either way, there are worm holes of weird time-management.  The matrix of this month asks we rely on our spiritual navigation, magical recourses, and ancestral wisdom embodied in a practical, patient approach.  Here and now is where we re-set emotional intention on how to proceed.

The Cancer New Moon is yet another potent reset button in a spring lineup of ‘re-sets to adjust and raise the vibrational force. It is a follow-up to the Spring Eclipse season, the Solstice, two Super Moons, plus solar winds and flares all affecting our personal magnetic field as well as the earth’s.   It is more important than ever we rest in order to recalibrate.  It is essential we gentle-down, grow slow and listen in order for self-care to heal frazzled psyches.  The Yin, majestically feminine principles embodied in the sign of Cancer are the go-to- tools of this time.  Symbolically, the crab morphs molts and travels obliquely side-ways.  Its watery nature represents feelings, and like water, they must flow if we are to be healthy. We must molt and morph or we grow repressed and stagnant.  This is especially true with Pluto, underworld god of transmutation, opposing the New Moon, it is essential we release old emotional hurts, and bring to light repressed feelings.  Bring mindfulness into inhale and exhale, then listen, observe, and grow dazzled by your own enlightenment.

Cancer is the symbol of the Great Mother and as such requests, we accept as well as give, that emotions have as much credibility as the mind, if not more, and that the wise combining of mind with emotion offers ‘Emotional Intelligence;’ the art of empathy, relationship, self-management, and mindfulness.  Emotional Intelligence can be your best friend as you tiptoe back into life, one you knew, or do you need water wings to fly beyond the old? Are you swinging between fear and excitement wondering if the ground beneath you is solid, or a swamp? Having a friend in EI helps us decide the best direction of the moment.  It supports an ability to rely more on our wisdom.  We don’t turn as often to others for validation.  Working with a practice of emotional connection helps our circuitry be calm and focused, inviting the feminine to grow stronger in a body used to patriarchal demands.

This New Moon holds magic with a spiritual chaser as it trines Neptune, the esoteric ruler of Cancer.  Feel the inspiration and intuition rising in your body as you read this.  The lunation also connects to Jupiter asking we reconsider our beliefs, especially those around ‘how to receive,’ along with inner balance of masculine and feminine.  A few short days after the New Moon’s July 9th birth, Mars and Venus align in fiery Leo, revving up passion, creativity, boldness, perhaps laughter and love.  These two express the sacred masculine and feminine and when they join, we are beckoned to balance and express them in unity.  God of war, with goddess of love.  Assertive, committed forces combined with creative, beauty-centric desires.  May their ‘re-birth inspire us all to begin a new cycle of inspired artistry.

This New Moon is an emotional opportunity to re-set.  This country just celebrated another re-birth, continuing its deeply transformative process evolving into a higher vibration.  Expect deep emotional fallout.  From those emotional storms, visualize transformation.  If you are asking, “What can I

 do?“  Every tiny bit you can offer helps.  As in, take care of yourself so you then help someone else.  Lift your vibration so others feel your expanded heart, and can follow.  Stop the drama. Be kind, reasonable, courageous, rational, courteous and mindful.  That may take every ounce of courage you have.  Promise yourself a nap.  When you lie down say, “Well done, you!”

With joy in sharing, and much gratitude~ Samantha


A RITUAL MOMENT:  New Moons are ripe for ritual.  Sit in nature, Form the lotus mudra with your hands.   Into the open flower, plant luminous seeds of intention.  Breathe into them and visualize them taking root, growing deep in the same muddy waters of the lotus.  Each day, take a moment and return to your lotus mudra, calling up the deep satisfaction of growing new ideas, seeding new life.

YOUR PRACTICE:  It’s  a marvelous night for a Moon-Dance under watery, melodic skies.  The New moon’s dark sky speaks a Yin language, despite surrounding fever & fervor.  The Sun and Moon re-birth in Cancer- the Moon’s home, a sign noted for its nurturing, emotional empath-nature. We shall follow suit.  Bring hopes and wishes to plant in your Lotus for the new 28-day cycle.  Bring cushions, so we may be soft upon the earth. Bring seeds of intention to begin dreaming bigger.

YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK:  Birthdays around a New Moon know they are moving into new life in some form. This one will be a renewal of emotional foundations and understanding.  It is essential you make time to listen and cultivate your emotional body,  releasing old wounds, and creating a safe space around yourself to do deep inner work.  Look at the balance of masculine and feminine within, recognize shadow material and work with forgiveness., Observe how willing you ae to nourish yourself. Enjoy an inner peace and healing stillness!


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