Sept 5-12

Fish Tales of the HARVEST MOON 

Note that under this Harvest Moon you can now read your Astrology in French, Spanish, or Urdu.  Go to the very bottom of Daily Breath Journal and find the ‘language button that says ‘English’. Hit that to find the language of your dreams.

As we dance into September, we are welcomed by the magical Harvest Full Moon on the 10th. Its beautiful light is bound to shed wider information on Mercury’s three weeks of Retrograde that begins on the 9th.  Despite the Moon’s luminous vibration, and the need to move forward, energetically we are in review, and inner reset as six of the 10 planets are Retrograde. This suits the Moon’s vibration as it is gliding through Pisces, a sign known for its inner spiritual sustenance, creativity, and confusion.  It faces the Sun in Virgo, the goddess of grain, fertility, and harvest.  Her task is to bring the divine to earth and infuse the practical with perfection.  Both Sun and Moon T-square Mars in Gemini, who badly wants to stir things up and break free.  These three planets, plus Venus now in Virgo and Neptune, ruler of the Pisces Moon, in Pisces, are all in mutable signs, whose ancient term was “double-bodied,” reflecting their mixed nature, along with their fluidity and adaptability.  They deal with intelligence and understanding.

True to its mutable style, Fall is not formally announced until the Equinox on the 22nd, but emotionally, in the States, we say farewell to Summer come Labor Day.  Fall often brings confusion as many are thrilled to head back to school, while others are sad and reluctant.  This moving between polarities is representative not only of Pisces, symbolically portrayed by two fish tied at their tails swimming in opposite directions but is also energy inherent in the four mutable signs: Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Gemini.  Mutability is not predictable nor straightforward. It has a light touch.  These signs are often tugged at internally as they are asked, and feel the need to move in many directions simultaneously.  It’s fairly hilarious that Mercury stations under this Pisces Full Moon, forcing us to turn back while we effort to swim forward. 

Mutable signs are bridges between spirit and practicality that help us become adaptable and find a way through.  Knowing this is a confusing, inner-directed fall, plan accordingly.  You know the ‘Merc-Retro’ drill by now: Back up computers, double check all important paperwork, do not buy a car or computer unless you have a good return policy.  Try not to leap into action on big plans, unless you are very sure of your GPS.  Between now and Mercury’s direct motion, Oct 2nd, we have three-four weeks when Mercury loves to be the Trickster, and snafu technology.  Wise use of this time is to step back and re-design ideas, structures, and the journey ahead.  Because mutability is irregular, jazzy, and complex it does not offer a calm mind.  This you must attend to on your own, and it’s very important all of us take time out to offer body and mind a sweet stillness, and deep moments of quiet peace.  Be discerning before leaping.

(I want to acknowledge the fine Astrologer, Lynn Bell for her information on Mutable Signs.

With Mars and Venus in mutable signs, both ruled by the trickster mind of Mercury, what does this do to our Venus-ruled feelings of self-worth, love, money, and partnership?  How does Mars, god of war, courage, and commitment move through the mental sign of Gemini?  Neither of these ‘passion-planets’ expresses strongly in their Virgo/Gemini temporary abodes.  Be aware of the Venus-heart feeling more mercurial, less sensual, and more analytical.  She may lose some of her tender moves to be technical, fussy, or pragmatic.  Be aware of over-critiquing yourself.  Constructive ideas are fine but don’t kill your loving Venus vibe, your ruler of desire.  Mars, as the masculine expression, you could say, co-ruler of desire, also becomes too mental, unstable, and changeable when moving through mutable Gemini.  His warrior sword is one of words, not deeds.  Before blasting off at the mouth, bite your tongue and hold your breath. 

Our new job is to be creative in the complexities and find joy despite the confusion.  Does it not help to know why you and everyone around you are having trouble moving forward, or completing tasks?  Do not let either the multiple retrogrades or mutable planets ride roughshod through your life.  Stay conscious! Turn your mental muscle toward discernment and the creative process.  Listen to the gods of change blow across the land.  Tune in daily to your inner wisdom, and listen to your love guides.



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YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:     It’s a mutable, inner Yang week.  That sentence is a complete oxymoron.  Finding our way under the bright beams of the Harvest Full Moon may require we pull out the sword and carve important ‘ME TIME.’ And emphasize pranayama, meditation, and slow moves more than you normally would under a Full Moon.  Listen to your spiritual GPS, and open your vision to a wider POV in order to find your way through the complexities and re-do’s.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  Don’t fix everything!  Don’t get caught obsessively being perfect.  Before you start analyzing what needs to be done, or how best to execute, get rid of the ‘over-drive.’  It serves only to tighten your neck and make you cranky.  Yes, there will be frustrations, and new considerations that need inclusion in daily life but create small practices that offer you joy and comfort.  Your Virgo mind and high-minded heart will support you in breaking free of old patterns that no longer serve…such as being too critical and hard on yourself.  Don’t set limits based on old fears and worries.

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