June 3-10


We stand at yet another threshold~A year half gone.  As we head toward Summer Solstice, the sacred stand-still moment of  Summer’s arrival, we are desperately hoping to move forward, yet the past continues casting long shadows. If you are feeling betwixt and between, this conundrum is powerfully presented by this weekend’s almost meet and greet duet of Mercury turning direct today, Hooray! And Saturn’s turning ‘backward’ tomorrow, on the 4th.  They are within tiny degrees of squaring one another. This rare, convoluted, almost meeting is called a ‘refranation’. It’s a new vocabulary word we may find ourselves using more than we wish. You might refer to refranation as a strange duet gone “Walkabout”.  But first let’s define planetary energies involved in this almost meet and greet dance. 

Walkabout Duet of Dancing Mantis

Simply put, Mercury rules information, communication, and transportation.  Primarily, it rules ideas about things, and how we share them.  Saturn rules structure, strictness, due diligence, and testing to challenge our ideas.  When these two meet, or collide, as they would in squaring one another, we may experience rigidity in our thinking, plus unhappy confrontations with others; Socially, think gun control, wearing masks; Personally, the fight that’s brewing with your neighbor, or partner.  We may be more prone to depression, and worried we can’t reach a right decision because the whole picture is blocked or confusing.  Choose wisely between pessimism or hope.

There are echoes of this same choiceful meet and greet madness in a refranation, but it becomes more complex….a perfect symbol of now, as too many choices and actions demand review, refusal, and rebuttal.

*  The positive take is it stops and asks you to re-define your ideas.  Are you being too rigid or radical in your opinions and how you express them?

*  It may ask for greater compromise, and a conciliatory reframe with another.

*. It may force you into sticking to your plan, OR pulling out altogether.

*   You might rationalize doing something you’ve never done before, OR over-compensate to do something you shouldn’t.

*  You consider taking a big risky action to avoid hitting bottom.  You then redefine your structure and barriers, which can be a good thing, and you succeed, OR it’s too risky and collapse follows.

*. Because of confusion and mayhem resulting from the chaos- you decide to go within and use the ‘chaos’ (remember it comes from Chrino- meaning to decide,) to make meaningful shifts in consciousness.  You take this as an opportunity to rework old, unconscious assumptions.  You win!

Just as we left spring’s long underwater swim in Pisces, to enter the fire of ‘can-do-Aires’, to the new marching orders we undertook with Memorial Day’s New Moon in Gemini, ruled by the muddled Mercury~ you see why we must stop and once again reconsider what we hope for, and what we might accomplish.  It’s not just now but the second half of ’22 is awaiting instruction.  Perhaps this is a pause that re-sets a higher vibration?  It might be an opportunity to #WearOrange and demand gun control action.  Perhaps join Planned Parenthood.  Visualize Ukraine winning, no matter what.  Get personal and join Beto O’Rourke’s Texas run against Abbot.  Choose wisely and well.

Think of June as a reality check and Tune In Two-Step.  Before joining the dance, take time to get grounded, calm the nervous system, and invite joy into bone and muscle.  Listen to the intuitive sotto voce, then be courageous when you take your leap of faith.  Grow a deeper, listening-awareness when working with others.  Remember, everyone is frustrated, confused, despairing. We need to be heard, not told what to do, even with good intentions.  Like the weather, we are unpredictable, extreme, and wind-blown adding to fear and frustration.  Change what you can and leave the rest at the goddess’s front door.  She of mop and broom will help clear the mayhem. 

Begin planning your Solstice Ritual now.  We need to create magic and ritual more than ever!  As many of you know, this is one of the four ‘Celestial Quadrants’ of the year, a time when the ancients celebrated a still point in the earth’s journey around the Sun.  We don’t know how they knew, but they celebrated the seasonal quadrants as sacred opportunities, when heaven and earth become one, and dreams manifest easily as the veil is very thin.  Pay greater attention to serendipity, unexplained events, and synchronicity.  There are no accidents.  It’s all here to inform if we but listen, then choose wisely. 


*Feel free to forward this newsletter.  AND please share the Vimeo link of the Shakti Yoga Dance ~“Imagine Ukraine” at https://vimeo.com/686758275   If you like the Shakti dance,  share it so many might join the force of offering gifts to Ukraine.


YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  We move on, out from under the cool Yin of the New Moon to re-establish a sense of stability and direction.  We shall use Saturn’s best- His structure, and determination to establish inner as well as outer bone alignment.  We will remain slow in order to listen not only to the teacher but to inner guides, who have priority, fine as your instructor may be.

Let’s bring the first taste of Solstice Magic into consciousness to move into re-defining, and dancing to hopes and dreams for the coming three months.                Dear indomitable tribe, once again, my profound gratitude to many of you who have been so very generous with donations as I continue sharing the entire energy of our classes; the joy, the muscle, the spirit, the love, and the fees with Ukraine. I am now moving a portion of our monies toward gun control and Planned Parenthood.  Thank you for being a light body for this world.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  Perhaps you might like to ‘refrane’ this year to include a Master’s Degree in depth charges?  If you create a path you love, you will win, despite delay and confusion.  You will build beautiful muscles for patience and understanding.  You will celebrate who you truly are and what /who you wish to be.  Listen to your gut and heart, listen to those who truly love you, then set out on your ‘enlightened path.’  May I join you?

Upcoming International Shakti Yoga Dance virtual Teacher Training begins August 21st!                                                                                                               For information & invitationContact: Samantha at- samcatcam@gmail.com.


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