HALF WAY THROUGH~Now What?   June 22-29


Waves and mists of formative change continue moving through us! Let us rise from mists of confusion to take next steps, despite the new becoming old so quickly we can’t keep up. But we have to keep rising, lifting up, dancing on to find and create sustenance and connection to see us through the second half of 2020. Second half is just as transformative, combative, and confusing as first half.

  • Eclipses are re-set buttons that clear, cleanse and hopefully heal the old, so we enter the new journey’s with a different focus, and greater integrity. We are in the midst of three Eclipses! (Re-read last week’s notes) The Solar Eclipse on the Solstice was a doozy, putting the world on notice to either nurture one another, and the earth, or reap consequences! The upcoming Eclipse, July 5, is a huge re-set button for this country, coming as it does on its birth.


  • Along with transmutative Eclipse doorways, this week alone we have three more energetic shifts: 1. June 22, Neptune Stations, creating ‘extra’ to the lost spacey-ness….As in, “What day of the week is this?” 2. Venus Stations direct on Thursday, 25th saying, “I hope they give me a raise for looking so good.” 3. Mars enters its home sign of Aires on Saturday, 27th yelling, “Don’t tell me what to do!”



The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of the second half of the year, as well as setting the template for coming three months. Many were hoping to lounge in warm waters, but mind, body and emotions continue being bombarded by significant energy shifts that we must accommodate and learn from. It is imperative we do so if we are to pass through the Winter Solstice gates six months from now. Like now, that turning point provides last profoundly transformative demands. We are in the midst of a two year, world changing journey, which began in early 2019. The planetary cycles of this time are not the coddle-some kind. They are here to teach us our humanity, and lift our vibration to the next level. If you want to “wah wah” about the terror and vicissitudes, remember you chose to be born to walk this line.

When we acknowledge that we are all in this wild and extraordinary year together we shall move forward, despite confusion, anxiety and fear. If you are tired, and feel you are being flung to the four winds, you are. This woolly-week we have multiple sign and direction changes which always require greater focus to see us through the confusion. As if Sun, Mercury, and Mars in water weren’t enough to make you grab your water wings to stay afloat, Neptune in Pisces is stationary, moving Retrograde. This is about as woolly and wobbly as it gets. If you have been feeling depleted, confused, with a loss of ambition the past week, you are in good company. When Neptune plunges down and in to the great sea, we are lucky to simply tread water. Yes, it can be a spiritual and creative time, but first you have to pull yourself out of bed. Plus Mars remains in confused, low energy Pisces until its re-birth into Aires Sat. 27. We shall all shout, “Halleluiah” next week.

With the Sun in Cancer, along with Mercury, now Retrograde until July12, notice a greater sensitivity, along with the confusion. Try not to take things personally. Cancer and Pisces are spongy, uber sensitive, and emotional, and we need to attend to boundaries and self care in a big way. You will notice themes of: home, as in ‘where do I belong?’ Nurturing, family, mom, tribe, our country which is a Cancer tribe, ethnicity, ID, nostalgia, the past, memory emotion, and feeling. Cancer needs to feel safe, and if it doesn’t, it can get clingy. Be aware of emotional-wallowing, and feeling overwhelmed, as we are not particularly rational. Use this time to take naps, dream the new life, listen to intuition, imagination, and the subconscious, but don’t plan to move forward forcefully. We may not become ‘enlightened’ until late July.

On 24-25, Venus leaves her six weeks of Retrograde review in Gemini, to slowly move forward Have you noticed: old friends re-appearing, secrets coming to light, a different set of values forming? A shift in what’s really important? Be alert to these inner changes, they are needed for the big step-up in how we care for Self, one another, and Ma Nature. Socially, you have seen lots old information being revealed, (Bolton’s Book to name only one of many.) As old revelations, often hidden through mis-understanding, are revealed, we begin to heal as truth comes to light. You may have noticed that one of the major themes this entire year is truth and consequences. What is true? What is not? What is my responsibility in discovering truth? In speaking it? Truth is a Venus-thing as it’s part of our values, it’s how we cultivate faith in one another, or not. Hopefully during her Retrograde passage we have leaned a lot about all of this. It’s what Retrogrades are for: review, re-align, re-vamp, re-consider, Venusian re-evaluation!

Enough of my wallowing. Next week we shall exclaim and grow passionate as Mars moves into fiery Aires, where it is powerfully ‘at home’. Cautionary note, come the weekend, be aware of how you use your physical energy. Be wise, do not engage or over react, Stay out of provocative territory. The lovely part is we shall all feel more energized and passionate. Perhaps we shall trade our water wings in for a surf board?


YOUR BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS: Dear kind Cancer, you may find yourself feeling far too sensitive, as you are already vibrating to this year’s birthday-revolution. You may not know yourself this time next year. You are likely to find yourself in review about many aspects of your life, especially home, family, parents, tribe, try to stay as objective as a Cancer can, to suss out truth from fiction. With the Sun squaring Chiron, the wounded healer, along with Mars, you may find yourself fighting old battles, with old scars being torn open. Be aware of boundaries. With this last Eclipse, and the upcoming one, July 5th, both in Cancer, I guarantee SHIFTS, TRANSFORMATION, A HIGHER VIBRATION. Keep on dancing one step ahead of the devil!

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YOUR PRACTICE: With the strong watery, emotional flow, we need to attend to boundaries and structure. Yes, we are moving on from the New Moon slow down, but we are drowning in Neptune’s sea change to Retrograde, which leaves bodies without energy, ambition or fortitude. We need to honor that, and still show up on the mat to breathe life into this new cycle, to expand and energize the spiritual, creative aspects of Neptune. Plus Mars, our physical warrior is still in Pisces, where it’s been swimming in circles until it is unleashed into Aires, it’s fiery home sign, on Sun. 28th. As you stand the mat, feel the push-pull to be still and to move into asanas. Construct a worthy Practice that enfolds and honors both.


June 24, Wed. 5:15pm EDT, Laughing Dog Yoga. You must go to their website ahead of time; www.ldyoga.com  for information on how to join & pay.

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Previous postings on You Tube – ‘In Class Channel’

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