January 24 - 31


“The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.”  

– Joseph Campbell


  • Hold the reset-joy and hope of the Aquarian, American Inauguration close to your heart. It is one of 2021’s great, and positive flashpoints, symbolizing Democracy in action, and a positive symbol of Mars in motion.
  • The first Full Moon of 2021, is on the 28th. It’s a fireball, connecting the Sun’s Aquarian energy, (along with Jupiter and Saturn) to a Moon in Leo. Olé!
  • Mercury prepares to Station backward, in Aquarius, on the 30th, loaded with some of the hot Full Moon energy. Back up everything!
  • Like 2020, the year’s template’s are downloading in the first month. Winds of change are blowing across the headland.  This year we break free, we hold on tight, we step forward, fall back, reel from positive to negative, past to future with no breath between.(Old man Saturn square Uranus-the higher mind.)


Major Martian activity has had us on fire since the assault on the Capitol, Jan. 6th. Mars was closing in on Uranus, ruler of mayhem, surprise, enlightened understanding, and unique events. You don’t know how Mars will play out, especially when connected to Uranus, but we always have a choice in how to use this fiery, fierce, committed energy.  On the 20th, he marched us up the high road where better angels replaced the fallen ones.  At the Inaugural, he supported self-confidence, right action, and courage. He could just as easily returned to the anger, rebellion, and selfish destruction of the 6th, a day of American infamy. Mars, along with Uranus, chaotic, high-minded rebel, now travels through placid, stubborn Taurus.  But don’t poke the bull!  The two great extremes between the assault on the Capitol and the Inauguration was a choice in how to react OR respond. 

As tragic as the charge on the capitol was, it presented America with a line in the sand. We could not lie, push under the carpet. or revise in the telling.  It said, “The End.”  (Mars-Saturn new determination) There is great comfort in its clarity!  Its violence paved the way for Biden’s soulful speech.  We felt his vibration when he said, “This is my soul work.”  We listened with our ears and our hearts (Mars-Jupiter, faith in action.) Another Saturn energy is pushing back the curtain, (Saturn square Uranus). This makes clear the view between old and new, and creates difficulty for Saturn to hold on to the status quo, which it prefers.  With Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius, we are asked to risk, and change it up, be outside the box.

When our backs were turned, the Sun entered Aquarius on the 19th, and Mars embraced Uranus on the 20th.  This could so easily have been another violent event. Instead, we opened to inspirational change, to a true Aquarian celebration ‘of we the people.’  Over this past weekend we felt the joy of being American again.  Our compassionate-meter was high, along with creativity. ( Venus with Neptune- lower and higher octave of love.)  We may also have re-instated future goals and desires in a more hopeful fashion.  (Sun conjunct Saturn.)

Make plans now as to how you wish to use the incredibly force-filled energy of the  upcoming Full Moon of gloriosky-proportion.  It’s a good thing the Moon is in brave-hearted Leo as she must stand up to the Sun, Jupiter AND Saturn in Aquarius, all the while squaring Mars and Uranus in Taurus.  Squares are about turning points.  They bring us face to face with choice, and/or options that perhaps we did not see before.  There are a lot of big, forceful planets involved in this configuration, so plan on staying placid, perhaps staying in bed? To put it simply, ego and emotion are facing off, squared by commitment and change.  Spend some serious time thinking about how this emotionally charged Full Moon can best be put to your service.  What do you wish to change? Transform? Re-connect to and with? How do you want to utilize this rocket fuel?  Don’t wait.  Begin planning for its intensity, controversy, and exaggeration. You don’t need to be part of the drama, unless you are caught in extreme weather, an earthquake, or tsunami, all of which are possible-probable.

This is aweek to be in ‘your Practice zones;’ The practices of slow, deep breathing, meditation, being grounded, listening to your intuition, being patient, obeying spirit rather than Sturm Und Drang. The Full Moon razzle-dazzle on Thursday 28th, leads straight to Mercury Retrograde on the 30th.  This Mercury will have a zazzle all its own, AND it will be affecting ‘America’s Moon,’ also at 26 degrees Aquarius.  It’s bound to have personal, AND wider impacts on communication, travel, technology, as well as the ‘will of the people, and their emotional status. (The Moon in a country’s chart represents the people.) The caveat is to listen before speaking.  Wait before taking action.  Re-think tech or any big purchase.  Do you have a return policy in place?  Yes, there will be snafus and complications, so practice patience. Practice ways to release frustration.  Practice kindness, especially to self.

A  RITUAL MOMENT  Find a simple physical expression to express gratitude.  A bow, a clap, a big jump with “Hurrrah. Be inventive, be silly, but bring the feeling inside where you can embrace and repeat throughout the day. ”

If the only prayer you said was THANK YOU, that would be enough.

– Meister Eckhart 

I wish to thank all of you who attended last Sunday’s Astrological Overview of 2021.  Your interest and support make my heart happy!  I’m jumping high in Hurrah!

YOUR PRACTICE: This week the Moon leads bodies toward emotional awareness as she shines oh so brightly in Leo/Aquarius.  This is the Me VS Us face off.  Find the balance between the two.  Once again we need to be on the mat to call peace by inhabiting our breath at ever longer, deeper levels.  It’s a very sis-boom-bah week, what with Mercury Stationing on top of the Moon’s bright light.  Remember the spectacular fireworks on the night of the 20th?  That is what we may be feeling: beautiful, fiery, out of the norm, possibly explosive, a de-light in the WOW-factor.

BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS: Aquarians unite, and lead the way!  If ever there was a year for you to step up to rise to being fully ‘Aquarian’ this is your time! The world joined you at the Winter Solstice with the Great Conjunction.  We are now vibrating your tune.  Tell us how to be unique while joining forces with others.  Show us how to be inventive, while you connect us to the future.  This birthday year will have many partnering moments, and new understanding, (Full Moon Leo/Aquarius) along with re-thinking, re-designing your purpose, your raison d’être. (Mercury Retro)


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