August 10-18



Have you felt internal heat rising with the political/social heat, never mind all time excessive temperatures?  If so, you are cosmically aligned with the extreme charge encoded in the past three Super Moons- Since June 14th.  Super Moons take place when the Moon is closest to earth, perigee, affecting tides, tectonic plates, electromagnetic fields, and the body’s nervous system.  This 4th Super Moon in Aquarius, on the 11th, is a culmination, possibly a closure of summer’s high intensity.  You may find that something you began back in June is nearing the end of its journey, or you are facing a decision you have been mulling, and now need to pull the trigger.  Full Moons release us, and focus light on finding better answers to old problems.  Super Full Moons tend to bring ‘super awareness, revealing what steps are now available to a higher vibration.

This super polarity of the Sun in Leo, “I am the queen/king!” I have a right and desire to express my originality and my joy~ facing the Moon in Aquarius, priming us to break free of old ways, and enter a one for all- collective ‘~ is a face-off demanding major shifts in consciousness and behavior.  Full Moons offer illumination of shadow material, calling for greater courage, (Coeur de léon) and sovereignty of heart to deepen within.  You do it for Self, you do it for me. And I thank you.  Think NOT ‘you and me,’ but WE!

It will be lovely if the Moon’s Aquarian energy releases its innate cosmic hopes of ‘brother/sisterhood, of like-minded-equality for all, of futuristic planning that saves the eco-system, and shifts our abilities to communicate with greater understanding and less fear. Aquarius, known at the ‘Water Bearer’- is inherently incorrect as this is an air sign.  Its glyph is a man pouring something out of a large jar.  It looks like water, but is the flow of ideas, of connection and futuristic communication.  Use this flow to feed your mind and pay attention to feeding your nervous system, which is on high alert.  Dance to a Yoga Flow. Surrender to sweet sounds, like your inhale and exhale.  Listen to Mozart, or YoYo Ma.  Listen to your heart and what it hopes for the future.  We have a supreme light of informational awareness,  our job is to own our dreams, do the ground grunt work, and show up for Self.

There are two strong planetary connections to the Full Moon.  One is the Moon’s embrace of Saturn, great Time Lord and Taskmaster, the other is Sun/Moon square to Uranus, ruler of the Aquarian Moon.    This is a monster of fixed energies that takes no prisoners.  It is more important than ever we find ways to flow within its ‘fixity.’  Observe your obsessions, or an inability to let go.  There is opportunity to meet in the middle if our demand for something, or someone, be a certain way can fall away.  It may be wise to put the high push/pull forces toward an inner cause as the North Node (connected to Uranian higher forces) remains part of the August focus.  (See “Summer Journey of Expectation“for further illumination on Node with Uranus/Mars ). Since Uranian energies remain powerful all summer, your intuition, and authenticity are required at all times.  Similar to late 60’s-early 70’s, the world is in another rapid volatile shift.  The Aquarian tear-down of old systems that kept the rich righteous and richer, plus Pluto’s escalation of power-tear downs, (see last week’s newsletter –August’s Halycon Days the divide between radical conservatives VS progressives reveals shadow facing light. With the Sun moving through leo, that rules the heart in the physical body, pay attention to practices that keep your heart not only strong, but tender and empathetic, especially when not feeling terribly kind.

Here’s a true story they may help you see a way to return from the abyss.  Last week, I had a terrible hacking and almost lost a great deal of money due to my not taking time (Mars conjunct Uranus) to evaluate a false paypal email.  To say I was furious with myself, and with them puts it mildly.  It took me several days to stop crying, a few more to stop beating myself up, and a few more to finally to let go of my hate.  I had to sit and recover not only peace of mind, but find pieces of my heart scattered in all directions.  I had to have a dialogue with higher self and lower self that went like this:  “You know the fear and hate are only eating you?”  “Yes, but I can’t help it.”  “I know but it’s time you stepped up and stopped the old way of doing, and expand your light- as you tell everyone else to do.”  “Sigh. I see the damage the hackers are doing to others AND themselves.  I now visualize them changing.   Harder, but more importantly, I am having a similar conversation with myself.  My first sentence holds forgiveness.  The second, offers me light of a higher consciousness, ,AND send to them.  The third, is gratitude that they did not steal anything.  Now, I am lighter.  I am more muscled to handle a world filled with corruption, AND to help heal it….one tiny act, one small thought, one prayer at a time.

Any time Saturn is involved we are learning big lessons, taking on more responsibility, and putting better structure into place.  Yes, the lessons are often harsh, but Saturn wants us to grow, do the hard work and take ownership of our efforts and honors.  Between that and the Uranian wild card’s implosion of instability, freedom, and collective big change, we are all being asked to become catalysts of higher awareness into life.  Despite feeling oversensitive, and emotional at this time, know you are dancing toward and through and with greater consciousness.  From that knowledge, plan your dreams, know your meditations for world peace work, and that when you choose to dance with joy, you can share that hope-filled happiness with so many who cannot dance- happy at this time.  It is a great opportunity for; “Imagination to lay the tracks for the reality train to follow.”  Astrologer, Caroline Casey.

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YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  If you haven’t yet recovered from the New Moon of two weeks ago- Too bad.  Standing above you is another exceptional lunation; Thursday’s Super Full Moon in Aquarius, carrying massive energies of push pull that we need to purify and burn before executing action.  If you wish peace, you must create it from within for it will not be in the world.  Once again, our Practice is to retrieve lost or broken pieces needing a good ear and acceptance in order to paste them gently back together so we move on more luminous than before.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  Are you ready to change and be changed?  If not, hold on tight for high winds of shift and opportunity are blowing strong over your candles this year.  Prepare by getting grounded, practical and taking first steps. (Saturn) Dream the impossible dream then set yourself free to follow it. (Uranus) Perhaps use partnering (Full Moons) to face off and recognize yourself from a new perspective.  Don’t be dismayed with detours or false leads.  Stay the course you love and pursue it with a courageous., Leo heart!

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