• The month kicks off with a New Moon in Aires on the 5th! We head out to conquer, create, and be brave.

 April embodies spring AND personal energetic growth through multiple plantetary changes of energy and direction. …an extraordinary month in a complicated year.

The Saturn/Pluto team has begun power plays to be the controlling force in town~Outer authority VS inner authority; Forces for unraveling known systems and beliefs.

Find deeper understanding and acceptance despite, or because of dynamic change. Charge your GPS of Emotional Intelligence to divine ‘True North.’


Planetary changes this month are like proverbial ‘April showers.’ They will make us grow, willingly or not. This begins with Jupiter’s Retrograde on the 10th, an important shift as it’s the only one in it’s own sign for 12 years, making it extremely potent. Where do you wish to expand, and what needs reviewing to achieve that? Mercury moves into Aires on the 17th, where he is trigger-happier. The tongue can be fast and furious, shouting first and thinking after. On the 20th, the Sun makes it’s yearly move into Taurus, a time when we orient toward right use of materials, issues of self worth, and stubborn loyalties. Venus, Taurus’ ruler, moves from Pisces, a place of comfort, into Aires, where she manifests as a warrior goddess. Pluto’s Retrograde is on the 24th, and Saturn on the 29th. This is all says that the only way forward may be the Wu Wei. (This is an important concept of Taoism, used in strategic statecraft. It means ‘non doing, or without exertion.’)

The symbolism of the New Moon in Aires on the fifth offers clues as to how the month may unfold. The contrapuntal energies we struggle with include: daring courage, outrage, quiet forces marshaling to strike, integrity, hidden agendas, forthright fury, cynicism, fear, and how this fear is controlling rude behavior. Don’t be ‘the other’- the uncaring bad guy. Fund deeper empathy, listen to the heart’s lub-dub, and reach across the aisle.

Pluto aligning with the South Node brings home bad behavior. It’s never too late to fix what’s broken. The Saturn, Pluto retrogrades force us to consider refortifying from within, You may not see much on the surface, but the water is treacherous and deep. We dive inward to break down old conditioned patterns. The status quo has to go! In order for this to happen we have to learn to be our own judge and jury, and not rely on the system to tell us right from wrong. Those in power may feel a subtle loss of power, which may make them crazier. As reality undergoes a massive restructuring, consider loving the enemy. They force us to grow smarter, more strategic, and push our soul-work into high gear. April offers ‘marching orders’ into a brave new world.


YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: You are going to grow resilient and profound this year! It’s a good thing you understand patience and preparation. You don’t? Then you will. With Saturn strong, know you are re-structuring a new path, and larger reality. This takes time. Ground your body, meditate your muse from quiet music, supports your worldly desires from within. Wait on the will of heaven.

YOUR PRACTICE: This New Moon week, we prepare the body to be a listening device. Work with grounding poses to hear body cues. Stretch to receive incoming information. With the New Moon in Aires, we are warriors on the mat, but in this dark birthing we are quietly dynamic, unrelenting- warriors. Consider these poses, or preparation for them, as part of your Practice: Hanumanasana/Splits, Kurmasana/Tortoise Pose, Tittibhasana/Firefly Pose, Sukhasana or Lotus Pose. As you move into each pose, practice pratyahara, sense withdrawal. Stand on the threshold of your inner world.

                                                APRIL EVENTS & SCHEDULING

 APRIL 3, Wed. 5:15 & 7 PM. Quieting and grounding prevail as preparation for Aires New Moon on 5th. muscle into calming our chaos, growing empathetic, and connecting to the muse through music & dance. Laughing Dog Yoga, Wellesley.

APRIL 4 Thurs. 8:30-9:30 AM Pilates Mat, We howl happiness at the end to be stretched, strengthened and formidable! The Studio, 1 Edson Rd., Natick.

APRIL 5, Fri. 10:30-11:30 AM, Graham Technique. Learn how to really lift your bandhas, and put core strength into movement. There is nothing like an hour of Graham to re-set core, and lower back.  The Studio, 1 Edson Rd, Natick.

APRIL 6, Sat. 8:30 AM, and 10 AM. We create seeking strategic balance to counter act sudden changes. We move into the heart of sequenced asanas for synthesis and balance. Create inner grace, and outer power. The Studio, 1 Edson Rd, Natick.

APRIL 7, Sunday Serenade is a Restorative, stretchy, meditative time-out, offering lush self-care, and space to grow Emotional Intelligence.

Astrological Consultations:   Planetary wisdom offers a timely look at one’s life from an objective, non-judgmental point of view. As you begin fall’s journey asking, “How do I wish to use my inherent genius? How can I move more deeply into my healing? How do I plan an abundant future?” Then let us swim in your life together, in wonderful discovery. Email

Three places left in upcoming EYE OF THE HEART WORKSHOP!

May 4-5 When you have moved out from the power-moves of April, repurpose your new insight through shaktidances~    THE EYE OF THE HEART~ Workshop, where we shall move as Rumi dictates.Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”

 Workshop offered with flexible possibility of 2 or 3 days * *Grow Emotional Intelligence woven from movement * Expanded teaching/life structures synthesized in movement. * New dances *Weekend energies of a Taurus New Moon, Cinco de Mayo, and Ramadan underlie rich tapestry of shared learning.  CONTACT SAMANTHA CAMERON AT SAMCATCAM@GMAIL.COM


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