• THEMES                                                                                                                                                       Despite knowing we all march together on the Covid Pilgrimage, this week may find us a te cranky, so mind your manners, don’t yell at fellow pilgrims. Observe the instant availability of defense, resistance, and deep anger. Rise from the balance beam! Big Breath. Respond rather than react. (Mercury first squares then opposes Mars. At the end of the week Mercury opposes Pluto)


  • The personal planets are very active bringing action into the ‘hood. Venus, goddess of love, value, relationships, and finances, is doing a difficult dance with Pluto, lord of the underworld. This means grow aware of manipulation, both yours and others. Know that passions run strong. Either validate them or stay out of their destructive path. If used wisely, this energy regenerates. It gets to the heart of the matter. Secrets are often exposed.


  • Despite tension and surprises, the Sun, our ID and ego, is efforting to remain clear, calm and cool. By Friday, bruised egos seek healing, and approval. If we are fortunate, our healing work moves us toward self confidence. By Sunday, we may call “Uncle” as our ego knocks-about with the god of chaos and change, Uranus.


  • A big thanks to all those who partook of the Astrology lecture, 2020 End Game! I had a wonderful time sharing information, helpful tips and critical timing for the coming six months. If you missed it and have interest, you can still purchase recordings. See below.


THE STORY  Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know”     Pema Chodron

 When you listen to drama on the news, and it’s ALL drama these days, does it make you crazy? Were you pulled from your own joy to live in their world? What happened that you gave your power away to feeling fed up, frightened, or apathetically-overwhelmed? Find truth, ignore the drama. This week, pay extra attention to: 1. Staying in YOUR body. 2. Being very careful of what you say and how you are ‘reacting’. 3 Make time Blessing the world with peace. All of us can calm the angry waters by simply chanting, “Shanti, shanti, shanti” while visualizing a sweet stillness, and gentle green healing spread over the land. Perhaps the new comet, NEOWISE, can help create a peaceful balance. (See last week’s notes dailybreathjournal.com )

Neowise, or not, we need to bite our tongues because Mars is growing more potent as he enters his slow-down to turn Retrograde, Sept. 9. This brings him closer and closer to earth where his warrior ambitions grow ever more ardently evident. Be care of the speed of your tongue and the heft of your hand.

There’s always positive planetary connections among the difficult. This week, the two rulers of Pisces- the ancient ruler, Jupiter, meets and supports the modern ruler, Neptune. These two play together well, especially in Pisces. They are creative, romantic, and can lift us out of the too personal into a sense of ‘Oneness,’ or at least a more spiritual connection with others. Their harmonious sextile/60 degrees is one of 2020’s more helpful, and inspired energies. It serves to pay attention to the creative, spirit-filled possibilities offered by this sextile, as their outcome in not automatic, or assumed. One must choose, then decide on the work, and be aware of how you are using the energies. It’s a muscle that asks we grow conscious in the doing: Once conscious, then be woke, make good choices, then you are off to your appointed task.


BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS: This week’s birthdays are in a process of enormous transformation. Like you need me to tell you this.” Every birthday this year now begins with this sentence…. Because you, wonderfully shiny Leo, you are feeling restless, probably restricted and wondering how you can best shine that exuberant Leo light for the world. Despite the challenges, and probable impatience, let everything grow slow within. Know your are challenged to change at deep levels and this takes time. Consider using the sextile between Jupiter and Neptune to find or create a new outlet. Use your sunny strategy to expand your reach to others in need of your Sun. Be aware you passions will run deep this year. Take time to examine them and ask, “Is that where I wish to spend my energy?” You are the one who makes the party happen. Find ways to offer that joy to the world every day.

It’s a perfect time for an Astrological Consultation to review the life you’ve lived, and the new one you are entering. Contact samantha cameron at Samcatcam@gmail.com

YOUR PRACTICE: With strongman Mars only growing stronger, we all need to use any excess physical energy in order not to suddenly abuse and blow. Create a Practice that keeps you moving slowly, deeply and agilely through asanas, so at the end of an hour, there is a great sense of accomplishment. Don’t let some of the cranky energies this week rule YOUR practice. Enter that magic carpet mat with quiet joy and a dedication to confront yourself with kindness and care as you step it up. If you don’t wish to practice alone, go to my You Tube channel, Samantha Cameron Shakti Yoga Dances, and find a class. (see below) Then let me know how you like it. Thank you!


July 29, Wed. 5:15pm EDT, Laughing Dog Yoga. All Levels Vinyasa -with a creative twist.

You must go to their website ahead of time; www.ldyoga.com  for information on how to join & pay.

July 30, Thursday, 8:30-9:30 AM EDT/14:00H –Zoom Pilates- Core & Stretch                                              Email for invite. Samcatcam@gmail.com

Aug. 1, Saturday, 9-10:30 AM, EDT/13:00 H ES-FR Zoom All-Levels Yoga.                  Email Samcatcam@gmail.com for invite.

My class fees are $15.00, unless you are out of work. Donate, or come free. If you wish to attend, or have friends who do, use zoom links, or email samcatcam@gmail.com                     1. Zelle: Samantha Cameron, samcatcam@gmail.com    2. Venmo: samantha cameron, Or samcatcam 3. Paypal  Samantha Cameron, Samcatcam@gmail.com   

“I have taken Samantha’s yoga classes and have also had my chart read by her. She is an absolute magical and mystical teacher. I highly recommend her. And her Astrology lecture in Jan. 2020 has been spot on!” Nicole Losurdo

For those who missed, but would like recordings of the ASTROLOGY LECTURE-2020 ENDGAME, email: Samcatcam@gmail.com


YOU TUBE CLASSES: Samantha Cameron/Shakti Yoga Dances   ‘In Class’ Channel                              

½ Hour “ Core Crusher” A short burst of power moves to kick off a perfect day.

The Power of Shakti-Your weekly Yoga with Samantha Cameron, from 5-09-2020 https://youtu.be/aKXhlh4J2As

Sacred Space” ~ 30 minute class: a ritual or renewal https://youtu.be/EjhEeE0Ztso

“Core Jamm,” 60 minutes pilates, https://youtu.be/MRs4fHK0wi4

Strengthen abdominals while stretching the spine AND soothing the ‘fight or flight’ Vagus nerve. In times of stress, it’s lovely to care for self on multiple levels, in a short time span. After class you feel uplifted, centered, and stronger.

“Just how strong and open-hearted do you wish to be?” 75 minutes All Levels Yoga https://youtu.be/XLi3SdfY_Fs

“Spinal Tap”, One Hour of Core & Stretch, 6-2-20, https://youtu.be/KIYTsoe2eWI

Pilates-One Hour 4-16-20 https://youtu.be/tY6Jlgcl44Q

“New Moon Practice”, 75 minute All Levels Yoga, 5-22-20 https://youtu.be/v6CkVLK6wmk

“Sat. Yoga”, 75 minute All Levels Yoga, 4-11-20. https://youtu.be/XXmTV8LiN_c

Awesome Day Tutorials feature short movement specific classes.

Whatever your Practice, choose to make it yours. Listen to your body. Grow strong in bone, and honor, flexible in muscle and grace!

Panis Angelicus – At shaktidances.com, & You Tube Channel- Samantha Cameron/Shakti Yoga Dances, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhWdzk8SVLg&list=PLRasxcbWnUtnWzuIPyxX8sGP6gTR4FNix. When practicing the dance, feel your emotional body being fed and watered.


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