Sept 6-12

September’s Song~Wind Of The Western Sea 

Celebrate September’s song, 
By sail or oar moved along, 
Released of summer heat, and gentle day
Sun-filled, replete, 
We turn again into unknown seas
And unknown lines of far degree.
I wait upon the wind to rise, 
Call my name, my True North guide
Compassed toward new tides of time.
This shift holds gale force storms,
Blown by passion’s angry fears 
Of what awaits those held dear~
When all we have is one another.

photo by Lorenzo Perotti


Today’s Virgo New Moon is filled with electric tones, Sea Chanteys with cymbals at the ready, and unknown la di da-tunes.  New Moons are normally quiet and inner focused, but this lunation is in trine to Uranus, the Great Sky God, known as ‘the awakener,’ which offers lyrics of fresh perspectives, a jive-ass beat to awaken intuition and insight,  all of which offers un-conforming, rebellious pokes at the normally sedate, careful Virgo energetic.  Be glad it’s a connection by trine, which is supportive and flows easily.  If it were an opposition or square we would be in far more chaos.  Take advantage of the excitement to re-evaluate your Virgo landscape, including daily habits, diet, health protocols, service, careful attention to detail, with possibly boundary issues to devotional self-surrender.
Imagine being the captain of a pirate ship, carrying surprises, breakthroughs, and new opportunities.  The more authentic, the more uniquely piratical you are, the better Uranus will treat you.  As the ‘Great Awakener’ he is most happy when he can expand consciousness, and enhance inner wisdom, that may not fit in with what others think.  In this ‘re-birth’ of Sun and Moon review your resources and create more productive habits to conquer big challenges. Sun, Moon, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus are in earth signs, signifying we need to be creative from practical, diligent, real world approaches.  With most of the other planets in air signs, we are being asked to connect and partner with one another.  In fact it’s not only a great time for human connection, but go the distance, commune with nature spirits, ancestral guides, and your own angelic force field.
This Virgo New Moon is not only a wonderful opportunity unto itself, but it sets the template for incoming fall exclamation points.  This includes a potent Full Moon on 9/20, in the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces.  This is bound to be highly emotional, so get your ‘balancing tactics’ in order.  Prepare to fix what is broken and heal what is wounded.  The Sun will once again be aligned with Mars, the warrior, which will bring motivation, commitment, and aggravation.  Prepare that path now under the unique directorship of this New Moon.
On Sept. 22, the Fall Equinox arrives in the Northern Hemisphere.  This is one of the four great turnings in the year, whose chart sets the tone, and temperature for coming three months.  Once again, we will be highly energized and will make the most headway by working with others in kind compromises, and strategic know-how.
The last of September’s ‘shifts’ is Mercury turning to go Retrograde on the 26th, in Libra, an air sign of connection, travel, and partnering.  I will remind you of the usual caveats when the time draws closer, but Retrogrades are good to know and plan for in advance.  The big prep whenever Mercury reverses itself, as it does three times a year for three weeks, is if you have to buy a car, computer, phone, etc, do it now, or wait.  Transportation, communication, and technology are affected as they are ruled by Mercury.
It all adds up to a time of change.  Don’t fight it.  It is helping to birth the Aquarian Renaissance.  This month is a wonderful Virgo opportunity for clearing, healing, and reviewing.  Remember four outer planets are still Retrograde, asking us to fix what is broken and align ourselves, our purpose with a higher vibration. Come October, all five planets turn direct, including Mercury.  Virgo, wherever it is in your chart, asks for humility, discernment, and yes, impeccability.
There only two ways to establish competitive advantage: do things better than others or do them differently.”  Karl Albrecht


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YOUR PRACTICE:  Bring visions and dreams to the mat where we open to and expect the un-expected!  Pray for sweet surprises.  Visualize your heart’s desire, as your brain and Third Eye are on fire. Uranus is our lighthouse, leading and lighting dark seas.  On the mat, we prepare the body to hold the mind steady: Pranayama, balancing, and boundary work supports the connection of body- emotion- mind to flow into an expanded future. 


BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: Don’t be so rebellious you miss a golden opportunity.  Yes, you do want to reorganize and balance what is out of order, but turn inward first.  Listen to what your ‘authentic captain’ has to say about confusing ideas and out-of-sync direction.  In opening to your intuition at ever deeper levels, your path becomes clear, and as a good Virgo, you know all the correct steps to make it happen perfectly.

RITUAL:  Take time to soothe and calm the high electromagnetic field pushing mind and body around.  Sit still, do ‘4-square’ breathing: inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4.   Bring tips of your fingertips and thumbs to touch.  The image is of encircling a ball of light.  Bring the mudra up to your Third Eye, and create 3 specific visions of what you wish for self, for someone you love, and for the world.  Before you release each one, thank the Universe.  See it as having taken place.  This is creativity 101, the most important work we can do. 



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