Feb. 1-8


You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience.  You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”   Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

A Tiny STORY~Ghosts 

As a new month sets sail, Mercury carries us backward to review, remember, and re-connect. We inhabit a weird and wonderful Aquarian world where the unexpected knocks at every door, moves through dreams to shake open new realities, and offer higher vibrations in support of greater consciousness.  In this strange Covid-life, I feel haunted by the normal. Each day, I wake and realize ‘I’m not in Kansas anymore.’  What happens to old promises, old dreams, and paradigms?  As we re-invent, are they still important? What needs dusting off and renewal? Are broken dreams here to re-grow, or be buried?  Do I dance to old curses that knew my name, or turn to what cures me? Do I deny old selves, or offer solace and repair? We move among many ghosts providing moments of inspiration, shakedown, and weird convergence.  You decide who you want to be, how you wish to move forward, and who you choose to have in your lifeboat.  With February’s onslaught of Aquarian iconoclasm, one mantra I know I shall keep is: “Well behaved women rarely make history.”  Those in agreement, jump aboard! There is hope for all. And in our singular hope, lies hope for the world.


  • Make the most of alchemical curve balls provided this month: Moments of genius, spontaneous leaping, reinvention, predictability, and freedom. (Strong Aquarian playing field all month.)
  • With a strong electric magnetic field, our ability to manifest is magnified. Believe in ‘radical departures from the norm.’  The last time we had this many planets in Aquarius was 1962….the beginning of an era of radical change!
  • The first two weeks are embattled with continued strife between old world and new, control and freedom, lockdown and rebellion.  How is this manifesting within?  (Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus, Mars in Taurus.)
  • We shall deal with financial issues, value, and partnerships.  Find new ways to manifest a greater good. Change is inevitable.  Choose the change you wish to be! (Venus conjunct Saturn.)

A Larger STORY

We are inexplicably awakening to a higher calling, and stronger purpose. This ‘job description’ includes carrying others with us. As we risk, and expand we are not working just for or with self.  We create an energy field where ‘fate’ calls others to leap with us. The self-investigation and spiritual work we are doing is a radiant field, a field of dreams that invites the team onto the invisible ballpark rising in the cornfield.  It becomes real because we believe it is real.  This is the true power of the mind, especially the Aquarian mind.  Yes, we are still digging out from under 2020’s deconstruct and abusive power, but this month expect new visions, and systems of hope to uplift the past. Yes, there will be ‘checks and balances,’ especially with Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius until February 21.  Adapting to change is the only norm, especially when dealing with technology.  (You know the drill: Take extra care with important agreements, have good return policies if you must buy automotive or technology.) Your dance this year is the Cowboy Two Step, circling a beer covered floor, forward then back. Surely we can all dance that by now?

American emotional energies circle around its Aquarian Moon, along with a Cancer Sun, and Sagittarius Ascendant.  In the chart of a country, the Moon represents the people, as well as its emotional sensibilities and core inclinations. The high road of our country’s Moon is that we the people are equal. The shadow side is we think that’s true when it’s absolutely not.  Aquarius wants freedom for all people, as well as financial equality.  In this hour, how we join together to begin re-creating the ‘high road of hope,’ embedded in the American Moon, is the challenge. Those of you alive in the transformative 60’s may recognize old dance steps and patterns that are deeply reminiscent of those turbulent times: It was the beginning of hopelessVietnam war, superb music, long hair, new dance styles-Twist Again, JFK was president, then shot, the IRA began its bloody war with the British in Ireland, and Castro nationalized American interests in Cuba…to name a few.

 It’s not only our country that needs revitalizing, but personal will and dreams. What is the territory within you wish to revitalize? Do a mini or a major makeover.  Think about having Aquarian electric blue, or turquoise part of your inspired vibrational do-over.  Those who work with chakras, focus on your third eye, or Anja chakra, home of inspiration, intuition, and vision.  Embrace experimentation, music, dance, risk, and some new, wacky hobby that makes you laugh.


A  RITUAL MOMENT: Create silly and memorable ways to dive inward, reconnect to old friends, re-invent the wheel you’re always wanted,  re-energize your body with unusual poses, ie Pasasana. Slow it all down to give yourself the gift of time to spend in some unique fashion

A PRACTICE PAUSE:  Work with an Asana we don’t often practice-Pasasana, interpreted as noose pose. Squat with knees parallel, and feet close together, heels down, (If heels cannot lower, roll mat and place under heels.) Turn torso far to the right, exhaling, twist left arm over the right thigh, clasping hands behind back, close to L hip. Use a strap, or grab clothing. Take 5-10 breaths. You can feel the arms binding the trunk to the legs like a noose. As in all twists, remember to empty out, gaze over right shoulder.  Release and do other side.

This Asana tones spine a bit, but primarily the ankles, which are Aquarian territory. It re-invigorates the feet, which belong to Pisces.  It also helps open and strengthen the shoulders. It’s a pose recommended for diabetics and those with poor digestion as it improves the energy of spleen, and pancreas.

BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS:  It seems those of you ‘re-born’ this week are more than unusually Aquarian all year long.  Your Sun is expanded, enlightened, and enhanced by the great gassy god, Jupiter, bringing higher expectations, and a search for meaning in your life.  Be aware of ‘over-doing, and over expecting.’  Otherwise enjoy the expansive gifts.  You also have an infusion of energy from the warrior Mars.  Be careful and consistent in how you apply his hot energy.  Be committed, not crazy.  Be staunch, not furious. Be aware of not overdoing physically or emotionally.

It’s a perfect time for a CONSULTATION to review the life you’ve lived, and the new one you are entering. Contact Samantha Cameron at Samcatcam@gmail.com.


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