A standstill balance as day dissipates dark

In side by side perfection of momentary mystery.

A soulful-asylum of neither right nor wrong,

Of last & first, of meta & material

Bring spring without objection, or

Larking second thoughts

To the embrace of grace in chartreuse-landscapes.

Let us stop in stillness, honor Gaia,

Cocoon in liturgies of peace,

Before life, green with love, leads onward.

Entering the gateway to spring through the magical doors of the Vernal Equinox on the 20th, there is much ‘both/and’ shifting at work.  We leave the mysterious Meta of the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces, with its intuitive, empathetic spirit, to literally leap into the material, physical, and courageous first sign of the zodiac, Aires.  This threshold contains: the duality of water and fire, of others to self, dark to light, endings to beginnings, unknown to known, duality to singularity, old year to new year…..winter to spring! The four great quadrants of Equinox and Solstice mark not only change, but growth.  What have we outgrown that it’s now time to thank and say “au revoir?” How has the past woven a life that we either accept, or dismiss? On Saturday, the Sun enters 00 degrees of Aires where we are asked to pull up big boots, large pants, and march with courage into the unknown.  This ‘unknown’ is vibrating at a higher level, with larger requests for empathy and love.

As the Aires Equinox is considered a map, or defining template not only of coming three months, but the coming 12, its chart reveals energies we shall engage to support, enhance, and struggle with on our journeys. The major themes are encoded in the planetary formation.  This green threshold offers opportunity to work more directly with our energetic body, to engage others from a shared sympathy, enhancing a basis for equality.  She continues to ask for a greater connection to the earth,  to honor the gifts of Gaia, and your place in her realm. She needs us all to plant seeds of grit-intention and care to her well-being.

Those of you interested in the planetary energies creating upcoming forces, here’s a simple list. Mercury, the mind and communication, in spiritual, confused and creative Pisces until April 4; Venus, the love goddess enters Aires on Sunday, where her true colors of being a ‘Spiritual Warrior’ are exemplified, AND she signals new growth in relationships and self worth. She is here until April 15;   Mars, the gladiator, is in Gemini, speaking boldly, and hopefully not angrily? Until April 24th;  Jupiter, the great gassy, benevolent one, remains in Aquarius until May 14th.  Here he pushes equality through the law.  Aquarius is linked to human rights, and respecting the sovereignty of each person before the law.  What ties into this is the square (a square is a hard right turn from push meeting shove) between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.  This force is pushing us all year to turn from top down governance and rule to trust your own skilled, internal mastery. This is the main reason we will continue to see uprising of people in the streets marching against government, especially old domineering muscle.  The hard square between two ‘fixed signs’ such as earthy, pragmatic Taurus, and futuristic-Aquarius, where everyone’s voice counts, brings not only shake up to government and big business, but Ma-Earth.  Expect more earthquakes, devastating storms, with high winds, tornadoes, and heat waves, possible tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. We are in a time of enormous change on every level, and the earth is part of this shake up.

All of the planets are in cahoots to open the world to access higher mind, or the meta-mind, which contains more light, helping us see beyond limitations of the five senses. We are learning to trust our intuitive 6th sense to expand beyond only the  logical, linear, left brain thinking.  Under the mystery embedded in every Equinox and Solstice, listen to you intuitive voice, your dreams, and artistic imagery.  Grow strong, wide wings to lift you ever higher, and joyously into this brave new world.


A  RITUAL MOMENT:  I wrote this last week, but it is even more perfect under this Equinox built for magic.  “Go where you can be touched by memories.  Find silence and depth within a pose that allows, even beckons old, darkened corners to stand in greater relief.  Press your nose into the window of time and see who appears. Greet the time-traveler with a gift ~The YOU that you have become since last you met. 

Let breath lead the way through mists of time and place. Honor how far you have come since the last meeting.”

The PRACTICE : With ritual, stillness, and quiet joy we shall re-invest in our Practice.  It’s a perfect moment to check in with what your body wishes, where your breath wants to take you, and how your spirit is calling.  Come to the mat in surrender.  Depart- refreshed, re-connected to Self, more willing to explore your mastery.  Let us refine our calling, our inner paradigm of value to have it lead us onward with the courage of a deeper/wider heart.

BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS:  Exchanging pivotal energies all this week makes birthday bodies very creative, and probably more willing to reach across the table to make new relationships happen, and /or let go of old ones.  This is a powerful birthday week that asks you to listen carefully to your heart’s true desires and then begin action.  I hope it’s creative, possibly a té crazy, full of joy and the power of your essence.  Have at it!!  We are all waiting with baited breath.

It’s a perfect time for a CONSULTATION to review the life you’ve lived, and the new one you are entering. Contact Samantha Cameron at Samcatcam@gmail.com.


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