Jan. 9-15 2021


“The only path wide enough for us all is love.” Kamand Kojouri


  • The New Moon on 12 and13th is one of power and transformation! It reactivates the potent signature of 2020! Plus Pluto, the Dark Lord nestles into the Sun/Moon rebirth. Heads Up!
  • Uranus, god of chaos, sudden change, and freedom stations to go direct on 14th.  Expect mayhem as he vibrates like mad in his ‘stand still’.  Step back, pour objective, gentle waters over all.
  • One of this year’s big themes is the weaving in and out of warrior Mars, creating choice-full moments in how to behave, and react.  Get a grip on anger, resentment, and physical force before explosions occur. 
  • January holds some of the most volatile energies of 2021.  Be mindful of choices. We are offered much practice to grow as Spiritual Warriors!


Of the many remarkable energies this week, the New Moon at the same degree of 2020’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction brings up many of the energies that kick-started last year.  What have we learned since then?  How have we changed?  Particularly, what have we learned about power, authority, and human rights?  As Capricorn, and its ruler Saturn, are associated with ‘laws of karma’, the basic principle of cause and effect, consider how you have overcome fear to grow into a deeper authority of Self.  Take quiet time under this New Moon to invite your upgraded vibration to visualize then usher in energies for upcoming 28 days. We will grow more aware of what has changed, what yet needs work, and what our part can be, personally, socially, and politically.  Consider the full-time job of visualizing peace and well-being.  As we turn inward into the heart of this New Moon’s darkness, be proud of what you have grown and created out of last year’s deconstruction. Everything is now up for transformation, especially our vibrational force field. Daily choices abound as to how we carry our heart, express our spirit, and take concrete action.

On the 14th,  Uranus stations to go direct in Taurus.  Remember, a ‘station’ is somewhat like an extreme, or anaretic degree, with the vibration of the planet expanding to throw its energies into and over everything!  As this planet of explosive AND creative possibility charges our electromagnetic fields, listen to alternative possibilities, your desires for greater freedom, and creative dreaming.  Use this higher vibration of Mercury for innovative thinking. Consider ‘translating’ love in a whole new way. Again, the Universe asks, “What have we learned in the past five months during the Uranian Retrograde?”  If you have new ideas, and plans you wish to explore, move toward and into. Listen to your better angels to take the high road, knowing frustration, and impatience can move us onto the low road so fast we won’t know what hit.  On Jan. 20, when many of us feel profound satisfaction in liberation from Trump, Mars conjuncts Uranus at 6 Taurus, liberating many things and layers of Self AND society.  This is highly charged, possibly explosive! (No running with scissors!)  You have a job to do now! Send rays of light, vibrations of quiet peace, and safety into the world, especially around our new leaders.

Get a grip on anger, resentment, and physical force before explosions occur.  As the great Abe Lincoln said, “Let us have faith that right makes right.” As this will be a year when core issues of Mars, positive and negative, activate for action. Repeatedly, we shall be tempted to implode, explode, or strike out.  Call faith to ride shot-gun on the wild horses. Last Wednesday was a terrible and perfect example of Mars run amuck, as it went from the last, over the top 29 degrees, of fiery Aires into staid Taurus. I’ve written about the 29- ‘anaretic degree’ of any sign tending toward its shadow expression.  It seems to burst in a last flail before surrendering to move into the new.  Now in Taurus, Mars begins poking the Bull, and since Uranus is riding the Bull for coming seven years, this does not portend a smooth ride! Mars prepares for his embrace of Uranus on Inauguration Day!  (Adding historical, possibly hysterical concern to America’s transition is the this conjunction squaring the US Lunar nodes at 6 degrees Leo/Aquarius.  The Nodes carry karmic implications)  In these crises-crossroads we always have choice to be the best we can be.  We practice so we remember who we are once in crises turmoil.

Next week is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. Let’s begin early celebrations of his remarkable life of light, by standing tall and singing out.  “This is no time for romantic illusions and empty philosophical debates about freedom. This is a time for action.”


A  RITUAL MOMENT:  Every New Moon is a perfect invitation for ritual and re-set. We go within, we light a candle for intuitive, inner guidance, and outer flames of reassurance against the cold and dark. It’s hard to remember to be grateful when much of the world is up-sided in violence and despair, but these are the times we were born for.  Your ritual task in this dark moment is to shed your light. Let us begin! “If the only prayer you said was THANK YOU, that would be enough.”  Meister Eckhart  

YOUR PRACTICE: This week’s New Moon, rubbing against Pluto, the Dark Lord, asks we seed a new sense of power into coming 28 day cycle. Yes, the power-toxicity of those in control is running amuck, but it teaches us the very thing we don’t want to do.  Practicing deep-muscle-moves on the mat, restructuring old expectations of what the body can and cannot do are great ways to use the New Moon energies. No, we do not know the way forward yet,  but it offers perfect opportunity to tune in, stand still, and listen to intuitive -body-speak.

BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS:  My dear, stalwart Capricorns, question what has kept you under wraps, what has held you back from‘full-throttle -YOU?’ This year supports your search for a deeper sense of empowerment, and greater purpose….which is after all a Capricorn Mantra. With your Sun cozied into Pluto, signature of power, transformation, and regeneration. Bring awareness to your power struggles, with Self and others.  Observe old mindsets and habits that keep you from standing tall in your ‘true light.’ You have much to offer the world, don’t be shy. We need your splendid powers!

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Yutta Darcy-Tonkin

Thank you ,Samantha, for your steady hand at the helm and occasionally ,spitefully, laughing at the furies whipping the air around our ears.



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