May 26- June 3


“I am oppressed with a sense of the impropriety of uttering words on this occasion. If silence is ever golden, it must be here beside the graves of fifteen thousand men, whose lives were more significant than speech, and whose death was a poem, the music of which can never be sung.”

These words were spoken by General James A Garfield who gave the Decoration Day speech in 1868, opening Arlington Cemetery to Civil War dead. 

Wisdom Body Notes May 26-June 2

Memorial Day Weekend is a threshold invitation holding important memories.  One, it opens the door of summer’s joyous expectations, AND two, it looks back with gratitude and sorrow to the travesty of war, honoring those who serve.  Childhood memory still prods adult bodies into summer hopes of sun-kissed days of laughter and adventure, while the horror of war fades, becoming less personal in the US.  Only the older generation who struggled through the Vietnam War remembers its brutality.  Both threshold invitations open the emotional body to expansive imagination and experience. Both ask we reassess the past, create a better present, and rise in the future together.

This country has celebrated Memorial Day since 1868 when it was called Decoration Day in honor of those in the Civil War.  You would hope that the slaughter then would prevent any further civil wars, yet here we are, tragically cycled around to the US being a divided country of extremes and violence where civil war does not seem remote. We’ve worked hard through the tragedies of  WWI, and II, and Vietnam to come together in a ‘more perfect union.’ As we contemplate present extremes, it feels we must celebrate this year together, reaching long arms across enormous divides.  May we celebrate in hopeful prayer that the memory of bloodshed and wasted life not be in vain.

Over the weekend and into the coming week, the following Cosmic energy patterns are guiding and giving the world choice in how to react or respond. Listen to what your gut tells you as that intuitive voice makes wiser decisions.

@ Last weekend’s Taurus New Moon set the 28-day template to experience growth opportunities, and initiate expansive ideas and plans, especially those focused on and from the body, nature, sensory exploration, and true values. (The next New Moon on June 17 will be in Gemini, where the mind takes over.)

@ The lunation itself, ruled by lovely Venus was/is full of beauty, self-care, simple pleasures, and creative growth. But she was birthed within a powerfully exclamatory formation with Mars and Pluto giving her an intense psychological dive into the subconscious.  What do we need to uncover and heal in the coming days? Call memories to guide you inward.

@ Begin a joyful weekend today/Friday with an especially high Venus vibration.  Venus is dancing with Uranus which means that present and future plans have an opportune moment to be excited about all things of love, abundance, and emotional understanding.  How you feel about yourself directly impacts your material life.  Be excited! Think BIG!

@ It’s an opportune time to consider issues of personal will and how you control. succumb, compete, and express passion.  This force field is embedded in the T-Square of Jupiter (amplification) poking the opposition of Mars (the warrior) to Pluto, (god of the transformative underworld.).  These energies have pushed us around this past week so that we now have better answers in how to understand ‘right use of will.’  Yes, it’s an intense skyscape, we have seen it in street violence, and on the news, but if used well this same energy can empower us onto a new path, a higher journey of full-hearted commitment!

@ Most of you know that we are now in Gemini Season (May 21- June 21).  This twin-time is represented by a mortal twin and an immortal twin of body and soul.  They remind us we are here for a physical, learning experience, AND that we live on forever through spirit.  Ruled by Mercury, (the mind, ideas, conversation) you may be guided to teach differently, write something, or communicate from greater compassion.

@I hope the weekend is full of dazzling plans for you, but amidst the frivolity, we shall be asked for organized efficiency.  (Moon in Virgo). We shall also be instructed in greater responsibility and well-defined plans.  (Sun square Saturn.) Sun square Saturn gets a bad rap of being difficult, which it often is, BUT if used consciously, it supports us standing up for what we believe.  It offers greater energy to stand in our authenticity.

@ A last esoteric note to kick you into another threshold energy.  This one is ‘The Silver Gate Portal’, when the Sun is embraced by one of the Four Royal Stars, in this case, Aldebaran.  Many ancient cultures considered the Four Royal Stars sacred, and when a planet, especially the Sun, (our identity and ego,) moves within their heavenly degrees, we are imbued by their force field.  Aldebaran is thought to offer success, stamina, fortune, and bravery, standing like a guardian angel to activate the third eye chakra.  It is considered a fixed star of enlightenment and inspiration, and home of the Silver Gate Portal, the door for souls traveling to and from Earth on the path of reincarnation.  This weekend offers yet another perfect threshold to dream large, intuit your next steps, and open your spirit to larger possibilities!

If you’d like to know how your personal chart is affected by these planetary events, contact Samantha for a deep-diving consultation into your life:, or text 508-505-7700.

 Join the dance of opening to your inner renegade. How do you wish to transition into a different future? Begin now! #WisdomBody #CosmicInfluences #TeacherTrainings #ShaktiYogaDance #AstrologicalEnergies #SoulDance

 YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  What I have written the past two weeks still holds, BUT we are adding a meditative moment to connect our Third Eye to Aldebaran to raise consciousness and reclaim the sacredness in life. Due to the sizzle, it’s important to slow it down, and reconsider the Practice that deeply nurtures you- ALL of you!  Listen to your intuition, go deep for what is best and right for you in every moment, then take tiny steps toward creating more power through your personal practices into new life. 

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  You wonderfully thought-provoking Geminis have an extraordinary gift in pursuing your dreams through the connection of the Sun to Aldebaran.  Time to be brave and bathe in the passion of what scares you.  What has your name on it that you are afraid to trust?  Organize what it will take to follow your star.  Hone in on detailed supportive plans to walk toward your star.  Find time to meditate, opening your Third Eye Chakra to listen to the intuitive voice.  This is a step-by-step year of goal-setting discipline toward the emergence of a star-seeded YOU!


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