July 25-Aug 3


This dance wants to be light.

Emerging from nothing

But dark waters of desire,

Phosphorous surf and luminous moonlight.

It moves to meet itself

On rocky shoals and wet grasses,

In glimmering tidal pools

Filled with rinse off the sea.

Oh joy!

Untethered light-body

Dance on across sands of time.

This is a time to pay attention to your dance and step lightly through many nuanced minefields as it is a week of BIG THEMES!

A HEART INVITATION FROM THE NEW MOON- Be magical, kiss butterflies.

SURPRISING COMEBACKS-Be vigilant & skillfully strategic.

ELECTRIC ENERGY TO BURN-Set yourself free for an unknown adventure!

WAKE UP CALLS – Are you listening? Aware? Ready?

MINEFIELDS ABOUND- Be Mindful in the Minefield.

MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFTS- Are you willing and ready?

In last week’s newsletter, I notified you of the energetic heat rising this week, leading into August.  https://dailybreathjournal.com/.  If you think the temperature is hot, there’s a lot more sizzling than that!  Each New Moon sets the strategy and awareness for the upcoming 28 days.  The fiery Leo lunation on the 28th essentially informs us of August energies and how best to negotiate and design our days.  The Leo download holds an energetic creative, joyous sense of adventure and freshness, along with a fighting spirit.  When you are in ‘Leo-Mode’ you are the queen, or king, hoping your subjects are loyal.  You are generous, ebullient, stubborn, and want your way. But from the core this Leo-Lion:  Begin anew from your heart, for that which is born from love lives long and prospers!

At the same time as the Sun/Moon rebirth, Jupiter, (planet of hope & faith) stations to turn Retrograde! The lunation is already large energy and with the great gassy-one joining in-It’s supercharged! The New Moon is at 5 degrees Leo, and Jupiter stands still at 8 degrees Aires.  Their fires are joined by a helpful trine which makes the fiery flow between them sure and potent.  They are ‘informing’ one another of how to move forward.  We see the possibility for strong warrior energies that can inflame, brook no opposition, and set fire to difficult situations.  Or, you can have a large surprise that serves you well. Often when Jupiter Retrogrades, we see comebacks and, or reversals. We can see good fortune arrive, or leave, along with themes around our ability to stand warrior-tall successfully, or in failure.  Jupiter takes us on exaggerated, expansive journeys of higher mind, possibly through long-distance travel, philosophy, education, or the law. It may be a time to set yourself free, but not before you understand what that really means to you, or the strategy needed to undertake such a dance.

Adding more fuel to these flames is a Mars/Uranus/North Node connection in Taurus. (Again. check out last week’s notes on this.) Thank goodness this takes place in placid, stalwart, stubborn Taurus.  This can be a paradigm shift of large proportions.  Mars is a personal planet of erratic, energetic, committed, possibly explosive physical expression. Uranus is the major ‘Wake Up Wild Card’ bringing sudden change, chaos, eureka moments, and synchronicity.  Whenever these two join forces you want to pay extra attention, especially when working with sharp objects and machinery.  They can be accident-prone.  They can also deliver that sudden, delicious idea you have been searching for. The new path, the exciting wake-up call.  But do avoid risk whenever possible, especially between now and mid-August.  Taurus will help keep our dancing toes connected to the earth, no matter how spicy the tango.

A big attention getter is a difficult square (think boxing gloves) between Mercury (communication & ideas) and Uranus (planet of elevated potential.) In upcoming weeks, communication, words, and ideas are emphasized over and over, first by Mars, then Uranus, and last by Saturn (reality).  Timely tune-ins to your vocabulary, tone of voice, fears, and emotional frustrations are critical.  Kill them with kindness, not curses.  We shall all find ourselves more uninhibited, erratic, outlandish, and ruder. This rebellious energy is amplified by its hand-hold to the North Node.  The North Node is not a planet, rather a pointy finger telling us, “Go this way.”  Known as ‘Rahu’ in Vedic Astrology, it is the unknown path of the moment.  (It also has a personal placement that is soul-chosen in each lifetime.)  Rahu can feel fated, destined, or confusing as we are unsure of its calling.  But it makes the Mars/Uranus connection a ‘Major Paradigm Shift.’   

There are so many wake-up calls dancing in and around the Leo New Moon that we may collectively experience worldwide shattering and implosion.  Better yet, a world vibrational lift!  The North Node also offers the possibility of Grace and a destiny of greater possibility.  Imagine it and we are halfway there.  Whenever Uranian energy is in the picture, using visualization, imagination, and meditation to provoke and promote insight are wonderfully smart ways to lead into a larger, better, amplified resonance.  Because this ‘breakthrough’ point is in Taurus, pay attention to any Taurus planets and your Taurus house for this is where the changes will be most felt and visible.  (email me for help with this if you wish.) Do take time to bless the earth as Mars/Uranus in Taurus can create ‘earth disturbances’ including wildfires, huge storms, and/or earthquakes.


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YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  A New Moon week is usually quiet, internal, and slow.  This week not so much.  More important than ever to listen to your body wisdom/Taurus!  We all need to soften and heal before blasting into a spicy unknown. It’s a perfect opportunity to use your mat as a magic carpet to optimize your upcoming moves. Let longer exhales release the past, and deep inhales take you inward and upward with vibrant hope and a peaceful heart.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  The Leo warrior within has been crying out for this kabunga birthday.  It may be a year when you experience a rich range of growth, especially around your expression- be it creative, or one on one.  Be mindful of staying grounded and present through unexpected change, synchronicity, and ‘heated environments.’ Know that this year is a game changer for you as the BIG THEMES heading the newsletter are yours to engage, fight for and enjoy!  Have at it, my fine Leo Queen/King!

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