Dec 31, 2021-Jan 5, 2022

 Threshold Grace

The plank is laid, the threshold waits

 Inviting birth of soulful extravagance,

One possessing radiance from quiet inward turning.

From luminous rest, I ready for combat

Against the ‘hollow men, 

The stuffed men of Elliot’s dead land,

His cactus land, in the valley of dying stars.’

I know one hundred songs

Come, join my sweet harmony!

Let us be mad poets, shaping ardent words together.

Step into the threshold dream

And partner me to wind-dance,

Never refusing the grace in this moment.

The original meaning of ‘Threshold’ derives from the plank or stone laid beneath a door, or entry to a house, temple, or church, hence the place or point of beginning.  By insinuation it asks;  What supports, and lies beneath this beginning? Psychologically, it infers ‘a bare perceptibility of a stimulation of consciousness’….hence,  ‘threshold of consciousness.’ 

As we close the door on 2021 to stand at the threshold of 2022, it’s a perfect moment to decide on poet-dreams, to invoke the dance of hope, build soulful trust, and open harmonies of perception and intuition.  Unfortunately, T.S. Elliot’s ‘hollow men’ are not going away, but their time is running out and it’s our job to replace them.  Plan accordingly!

There are upcoming, fascinating energy shifts, which I shall share once we cross the year’s threshold. But in this moment, I choose to stop, to place myself in New Year’s ‘soulful grace’ ~and reach out in gratitude, and friendship to each of you.  May 2022 be blessed from the wisdom you have grown from last year’s pain and loss. May you flex that amazing muscle you’ve built in the patience and fortitude of doing it again, and yet once again.  May you honor your ‘luminous-intuition’ seeded from listening, despite the anxiety of never knowing.  May every wish be yours for the work you do to make our world more loving.  Please stand at the mirror.  Light a candle.  Hold it high, then take a curtsey, or bow, to beautiful, wonderful, light-filled-YOU.




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