Dec 17-26


Charles Dickens wrote beautifully and succinctly of his time in “Tale Of Two Cities.” “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, … ..”  What the Dickens?  We’re back here again, and again, and…. as we head out under the final Full Moon of 2021.  Like the New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius that set December’s energy palate, this lunation in the communicative polarity of Sagittarius/Gemini prods us to reconsider rules and value in how and what we think and communicate.  How consciously are we speaking to Self, and one another?  What ideas no longer serve, and obstruct, and how can we turn toward truth, embedded in light.

This is 10 X true as Venus, goddess of self-worth, love, relationship, value, creativity, and money is stopping to reverse her forward direction a day after the lunation.  Another 10X value to this is she is embraced by Pluto, god of the Underworld, in the sign of Capricorn. This doubles Venus’ time in Capricorn from 6 weeks to 4 months, directing us to invest attention in realigning priorities, clarifying boundaries, and setting exciting creative goals.

 Remember, when a planet changes direction their archetypal energies grow intense, so be heart-responsive when dealing with those who don’t agree, those who cannot hear, and those who cannot change.  A little extra love greases a lot of wacky-wheels.  This is an emotional turning point between light and dark as we head toward the Winter Solstice on the 21st.  We in the Northern Hemisphere, are at the tipping point from dark into light.  The upcoming months were considered a time of spiritual growth by the ancestors, for they felt their bodies yearn and turn toward the light.

Heading into yet another lockdown, let us call ancestral help to revitalize and deepen spirit, and open hearts ever wider.  Venus Retrograde supports this journey as she disappears from the night sky to embrace the Sun, where imaginatively- ‘illusions of the heart are burned away.’  During her 40 day journey ‘through the Sun,’ Venus can flame with greater passion, and/or cut away thoughtless relationships.  She will likely pull old friends into view once again, bringing nostalgia, along with reviews of old emotional patterns.  She’s asking us to redefine boundaries in relationships.  Unfinished business, or areas that need emotional clearing will be heightened, asking for greater clarity and integrity. Creative projects will be viewed in a new light.  Don’t rush to produce, rather allow feelings to support and refresh new creative possibilities.   Ask; ‘ what do I truly value?  Is this choice run by fear or love?  What resources do I value?  What is my time worth?

If you can remember what you were doing in January 2014, you might see a cycle that began back then coming to completion now.  This is due to the perfectly symmetrical pattern of Venus cycles.  She rises at almost the same degree in the sky every eight years.  Take a moment to look at your finances then and now, your creative projects, lovers, and friends.  How have you changed?  What’s been discarded? Completed? How has it transformed you?

Our weary world is changing fast yet once again as the new variant, plus the old combine forces to roll through every community and country.  This time it can no longer be about me, it has to be about US, the big US of ONE.  There is a great deal of energetic support and enlightenment from the heavens at this time.  Let’s use it to elevate, and keep our heads above water.

1.  The Sun in Sagittarius, ruled by the ebullient, bigger than life- Jupiter asks we recognize what has deeper meaning and ethical significance.  The great gaseous god expands thinking, grows broader perspectives, with a more inclusive generosity.  The Moon in Gemini asks we develop an open mind, from greater objectivity, and curiosity.  In other words, step back, grow objective, consider alternatives before leaping, or lashing out.

2.  This Full Moon, at 27 Sagittarius, lines up with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way.   The following information is by Astrologer, Stephanie Austin.    “To the ancient Mayans, the heart of our Milky Way galaxy was the Hunab Ku, or Mother Womb, a whirling disk which gave birth to the stars and all life. Modern astronomers have found that the GC is indeed a rotating disk; a supermassive black hole that consumes and births new stars. In 1931, Bell Telephone engineer Karl Jansky detected radio waves emanating from the core of our galaxy, strong enough to disrupt radio transmissions on Earth. Any celestial body aligning with the GC focalizes the gamma, x-ray, and radio transmissions from the galactic core, providing extra support for remembering our cosmic origins, divinity, and destiny.”

3.  Remember that all planetary energies carry light and dark, or the shadow expression.  Be aware that the shadow expression of this Full Moon can be massive amounts of exploitative, amoral, and superficial information.  The media needs to tone down the noise, and deliver the truth.  It is our job to step back and decide what is true, to check the facts, and not buy into drama.  That takes time and energy, but it’s crucial.  Because it’s on facebook, twitter or Instagram does not mean it has truth or merit. Au contraire, mes amis.

4. Chiron, the ‘Wounded Healer’ goes direct as Venus goes retrograde.  This amazing asteroid reveals childhood wounds, symbolizing core issues that need healing. As it moves through the zodiac, it reveals energies in each sign that call for attention and care.  It has been in Aires since April 2018 and remains there until June 2026.  Aires, ruled by Mars, god of war, works with wounds to the masculine, for both men and women.  Its lessons are often those of ‘power VS force.’  The right use of will, and our ability to risk going after what we want.  After its five months in retrograde review, what have you learned about being assertive? Courageous?  Passionate? Are your dreams realistic? Have grown committed to serving them? How are you going to put new awareness into practice?

5.  Some of Chiron’s lessons and information intrinsically tie into Venus’ retrograde in Pluto’s embrace.  Pluto is always involved with power issues, control over, and issues of finance, as in who owes what?  The personal, feminine Venus dancing with the impersonal, transformative lord of the underworld asks us to face the power partnerships with self:  Who is in charge?  Do I have a voice? Do I give myself permission to express passionately? Do I surrender out of guilt? Do I need another’s approval before taking charge?  Can I commit to growing better habits in support of self-worth during these coming weeks?

6.  Last, never least, is the Solstice portal on the 21st.  You know by now that this is a powerful energetic threshold to the three months of winter.  Solstice and Equinox are times when the earth’s magnetic field is reduced, inviting in more cosmic energy.  In its return to the light, it encodes ‘light information. ‘ The ancestors knew this, celebrating these liminal times as opportunity to transcend, heal, and bring spirit and matter together.   Here is a short, but important ritual to help you heal and transcend. (Thank you, Virginia Palmer)

7 Day Cycle of Equinox & Solstice Ritual

1ST Day:    Releasing Old Patterns. Begin Sat 18!

 2nd Day:   Releasing Old Emotions. Sun. 19

 3rd Day:   Releasing Old Problems Mon. 20

Day of Solstice/Equinox:  New Energy, Ideas, Directions for

current or new projects

 5th Day:  State or re-state Personal and Global Dreams

 6th Day:  Dreams and Expectations for the next 3 months

 7th Day:  On-going processes of Self-Realization

During the first phase write out 2-3 items to release each day. Tear up the papers upon completion.  Write out 2-4 items for manifesting Solstice wishes, and for each of the following three days. Meditate on what you desire to manifest. Place papers in a sacred place for next 3 months, until cycle begins again at spring equinox.

May this be a time of many blessings for you, and those you love.  May your light fill our world with compassion and joy.  From your full and generous heart, be a conduit for peace and healing so that every time you look at someone, each time you think of someone, they grow and feel loved.  Off we go, changing the world one breath, one step, one song, one glance, one embrace, one dance at a time.  My heart to yours~ Samantha



Please let me know if I can help with sorrow, struggles or decisions to be faced.   I am a psychological, soul-centered Astrologer, working practically and metaphysically. contact:

YOUR PRACTICE:  Once again we swimming under a turbulent Full Moon, with Venus dancing backward, in Pluto’s embrace.  Therefore- it’s really important to pay attention to Self-Care.  Relationships are now under review – and the relationship with Self is how all others form and conspire.  I promise to be good to you~ moving slow and Yang-deep. No rattling of the cage, which is already unhinged!  Come get grounded, laugh and chew some tasty fat Saturday morning on zoom! contact:

 BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  Assume your year will be about relationships of every size, importance, and color.  Know that you are expanding your ideas about everything, reaching for a wider life expression.  You have been healing the ‘doing self’ – the masculine aspect of taking on responsibility and doing do-diligence….what have you learned that you now use with ease to balance doing and being?  Keep up the great work!


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