Astrology & Yoga of Transformation: Full Moon Heralds Winter Solstice

This full Moon in Gemini-Sagittarius offers many opportunities for communication, curiosity, and questioning, bringing home gifts of initiation and knowledge -if we have been paying attention. The sun stands only 2 degrees from the Galactic Center, a super massive Black Hole at the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.  This Galactic Center transmits massive electromagnetic energy, gamma rays, X-rays, and ultraviolet radiation, to name a few.  This Full Moon will make you howl, or re-align belief systems.  We might give our mate walking papers, or realize they are part of our life purpose.  It’s all about Self and other, and it’s extreme.

This ‘hold on to your hat’ lunation has Uranus, which has been retrograde since July 18,  turning direct under expansive light, making it a time of giant surprises, and giant steps. Uranus stationing in Aires asks: Where am I willing to take on new leadership?  Have I grown more courageous? In what manner can I be rebellious, unique, and step outside the box?  Since Uranus continues to work its hard relationship with Pluto, its station activates Pluto’s shadowy underworld, as well as its capacity for transformation.  We are getting to choose:  The devil or the deep blue sea? Change or be changed?

As we change and are willing to step into our unique individuality, catalyzing personal will, we have to work this will with others.  Mars, ruler of Aires, is in Libra- signature of relationships, which says ‘find ways to put the fiery energies of commitment and daring-do into cooperation.’  We need to be uniquely ourselves but not at the expense of another.  Not an easy discrimination.

Full Moons heighten emotion, and force us into face offs -and this one is a doozy!   The shifts of energy we are absorbing are enormous.  Another twist to relationships is Venus preparing to go retrograde, Dec. 21, The Winter Solstice. Venus rules Libra-where Mars is playing with fire, and she is the planet who dictates how we deal with relationship, value, money, and self worth.  When she retrogrades, we re-consider these issues.  We search for inner beauty, brushing off superficiality.  Venus is in Capricorn during this retrograde which will tell us to understand the structures of important relationships. It asks that what and who we love have true and lasting value. At the end of her retrograde, we will know what and who is most important to us.  Venus going retrograde tests relationships.  We look deeper for what we want, and who we are, what we need and how to get that.

The only mantra in town is:  “Let Go, let go, let go.”  The pose du jour is – Savasana. Care for yourself in sweet surrender. The Shakti Yoga Dance is:  ‘Storm,’ with the Tse mudra of holding the courageous heart whenever we feel beaten down. (Curl thumbs into palms and wrap fingers over thumbs.) If you seek joy on the mat, and a way to repair ‘broken wings’ go to:

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