Kapha dosha controls structure which holds cells together, forming muscle, fat, bone and sinew.

Pure Kapha Qualities or type are:
Kapha is generally slower, milder, more tranquil.
Slower to understand, but remembers new information.
Slow digestion can lead to extra weight.
Graceful, with a steady pace, they are more relaxed, slower to anger.
Complacent in many ways, they ae affectionate, and forgiving
When out of balance, possessiveness and greed can overcome.
Strong endurance, well built, usually strong bodies.
Skin is usually smooth, pale, thicker, hair is heavier, eyes are often large.

Ayurvedic Massage oils

Ayurvedic Notes: Massage is good for every imbalance and a wonderful centering tool.  It tells the body that it is cared for.  There are massage oils ehlpful for each Dosha  If you know you are Pitta Dosha (tend to be fiery, sharp, type A, ambitious,) use sunflower or sandalwood oils because they have cooling properties.  If you are… Read more »

Kapha Dosha

 Moving into colder territory creates more kapha imbalances.  Remember that Kapha Dosha (imbalance) needs greater stimulation, more fire in the belly to prod lethargic tendencies.  Do a practice that energizes, warms, and releases toxins.  Goddess pose is a great place to start, and Shakti Dance is a wonderful place to end.

Kapha Prakriti (Constitution)

Kapha is composed of water and earth, with cold, heavy, moist, slow, sweet, sticky qualities. In general its role is protection, and it has responsibility for the immune system.  It creates tissue, muscle, and bone, and protects metabolic wear. It also lubricates the skin, and joints, often giving a luxurious, smooth skin after adolescence. Like… Read more »

Kapha Dosha (Imbalances)

When Kapha goes out of balance problems manifest physically through: mucus, congestion, oily skin, water retention, diabetes, fat, and ailments of the respiratory system. When out of balance emotionally, they struggle with: depression, laziness or lethargy, possessiveness, greed, and jealousy. If thrown way off center, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart attacks become issues to deal… Read more »

Foods to pacify Kapha Imbalances

*Fresh fruits, vegetables, and most beans. The green leafy type are particularly important. *Follow a lighter diet of easily digestible food, using warming spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom, cumin, black pepper. *Reduce nuts, and heavier fruits such as bananas, dates, pineapples, melons, and avocados. *Reduce salt and sugars; therefore chips, ice cream, salted… Read more »

Yoga to pacify Kapha Imbalances

*Since Kapha bodies are usually strong, with great endurance, they respond especially well to Ashtanga, and Iyengar Yoga styles. Find a practice that is warming and stimulating. *Work Asanas at an energizing pace, and hold Poses longer which helps balance Kapha lethargy. *Poses that are particularly helpful are: Sun Salutations/Suryanamaskar, which stimulate the nervous system,… Read more »

Winter Rhythm

No surprise that winter’s rhythm is the seed pod, the embodiment of our potential.  Bodies that vibrate in a winter rhythm have a start-up enthusiasm, especially when they feel safe.  There is a child like wonder at the newness of life, and when they trust their gut, like a new moon child, life runs more… Read more »

Kapha Notes from Weekly ‘Breaths’ for Winter

In winter weather, Kapha Dosha can be readily unbalanced, making weight, depression, and inertia un-glue the system.  A countering Practice of challenging Asanas, or finding classes focused on yang, full moon energy will heat and expand the heaviness inherent in Kapha. From the Daily Breath “Space For All” With winter’s cold Kapha imbalances swell.  That… Read more »