Daily Breaths


NEW YEAR’S BLESSING Turn the page, Pilgrim,Free Falling, hold yourself as a sacred vesselRip out pages of scribbled regret, And layered truths,Obscured in shadow’s weight.Re-read of hard-won wisdom,The muscled resilience of holding faith. Turn the page, Pilgrim,Free Falling, begin the new story,Mar the unlined paper.Despite loss Punctuated in floundering and failure,Turn and dare write the unknown.Not as fiction.But the… Read more »


Gratitude lies with those who love Beyond our carelessness. Gratitude goes to those reaching out Across miles and absent years, Bestowed on those who know our ‘True Name,’ And invite our querulous contradictions home to their compassion. Gratitude is a hymn sung by those who hear our off-key notes And forgive all that lies unsung… Read more »


September Blessing In this lofty time, in this lonely time “Live to the point of tears,” Camus wrote long past. Yet, and still, and always, we long for tears Tasting of raw and fearsome courage To shape and break each born anew moment.  Cleanse, and move us toward belonging To the mecca of this day!


Mystery Of The Heart                                    In August heat Petals of the rose unfurl Revealing divinity. Wonder and splendor grow From wet, dark dirt, Rooted in earth’s grief and loss, Releasing wild perfumes Of soulful flowering. However lost, whatever the folly, Grow the rose heart,  Omnipotence made manifest. You are the gardener! At every turn Remember… Read more »

I SING OF THEE July Blessing

Though loss and shame have me weep Of my ain country so deep asleep, Turned now from hope that forged her birth. When dreamers, worn, and wearied ones Sailed to Lady Liberty, Her torch high for them to be  Free at last, free at last. Oh my god, free at last! Now, this death, this… Read more »