Daily Breaths

La Langueur

Summer is for speaking French When long syllables sweetly pull and push The warm taffy of succulent sound  Pouting soft lips, Word-bits to be kissed. Even bad French is good French in August. Slouched against a green door jamb, With half-closed eyes you say simplement, “Oui,” An aperitif to hand Flowers trailing your hair. Only… Read more »


 I can’t dance, I can’t fly, I can’t return I can’t weep, I can’t breath. I burn sorrow’s fire Heat beyond bearing, Singed black feathers,   Fluttering in empty streets of longing, Lost hope, and memories of delicious laughter. No one applauds the miraculous muscle The unstoppable beauty poised, Waiting the last leap. In the… Read more »

“BARN’S BURNED DOWN Now I Can See The Moon”

    Under this Full Moon  Life is slipping away. I ponder loss watching  My barn burn.   Death smoking the air,  Flames fed by my livelihood.   But if I now see the moon,        Will my Buddha-Self  fill with gratitude?                          … Read more »


the gifts of death are many. Ask anyone who rises to be reborn each day.


NEW YEAR’S BLESSING Turn the page, Pilgrim,Free Falling, hold yourself as a sacred vesselRip out pages of scribbled regret, And layered truths,Obscured in shadow’s weight.Re-read of hard-won wisdom,The muscled resilience of holding faith. Turn the page, Pilgrim,Free Falling, begin the new story,Mar the unlined paper.Despite loss Punctuated in floundering and failure,Turn and dare write the unknown.Not as fiction.But the… Read more »