Crazy Love

Questioning the Heavens

(Summer Reading) How do we become who we are?  How do we emerge from the nexus of childhood?  Why and how did we choose that tribe? That particular moment of birth? Providence or accident?  DNA or the Moira of our ‘allotment’?  Luck or Karma? Random or synchronistic?  These are watery, Cancer questions, and Astrologically, we… Read more »

Mother’s Day Re-Defined

Yoshiko Matamoro wrote, “Each moment of this precious life is a treasured vessel, ready to be filled with every grace and many blessings.” Nietzsche wrote, “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”  Does not every mother give birth to a ‘dancing star,’ a shining soul worth everything she has… Read more »

Love & Loathing

Last week I wrote about ‘right relationship.’  This week, I un-expectedly return to that theme due to an article in the NY Times on 1/5/12,  “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Life,” by William J. Broad.  It has gone viral in the Yoga community, and despite being well written, and informative, has created tremendous fear and… Read more »

Karmic Connections

This fall calls for us to be clear about who we are, to be as authentic as we know how, and to unhook from what, and who no longer represents us. Life always demands this, but if we don’t, or can’t now, we shall be lost in the tsunamis of change.  Few of us are… Read more »

Yoga Drugs

Wind moves the tall grasses, opening a slender swath at the spine of the hill. I trespass her narrow path, feeling her breath in my spine. Her inhale pauses, whooshing out in exhale. Our attunement grows so perfect she is the breath of my beloved, as I am hers. Every healing longed for moves between our… Read more »

Destruction & Choas: Third of Three Installments on Love

The line of skeletal trees against a later sunrise suddenly seem vulnerable without their covering of snow, or darkness.  They remind me of an old photograph of women, stripped of their clothing, their small hands desperate to cover naked pain, running between two lines of laughing soldiers, How does the mind layer these terrible and… Read more »

Passionate Lovers/Second of a three part Valentine

There might be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are a million ways to be a lover, not just lover to another lover, but a passionate life-lover, those who move through their days in light-filled Grace because they are not slaves to fear. The dreariness of mid-winter calls for re-booting fires of passion.  We… Read more »