Welcome to Daily Breath Journal’s update~ A vibrant Graffiti-Expression inviting you to explore, expand, and link Yoga’s transformational facets of healing and vitality.  We’ve chosen a graffiti signature because like Yoga it radiates life force.  It is a ‘practice’ of the street ~ for everyone, created in the moment with passion, and a desire to make… Read more »


In spring, the imagination rises unbidden, Called by heat and rain And the unforgiven. Green eyes follow lush stems, twirled and budded Filled with old stories Held back in the long cold And silent fear. Air, colored in birdsong, Heralds the luxe life Beyond that endured without light, Beyond the unlived life. Absolve tired dreams… Read more »

New Moon

Her silent re-birth comes A silvery scythe cutting the night Tender as a new scar A lone, mewling shadow-light Setting unknown templates Initiating up-grades. Sky-walk with spirit. Heed the call to beginner’s mind With courage as your sacrament, Talisman held to the heart. Face the unknown journey Push back the darkness.

Creating Magic

Come to the mirror of sacred imagination, Stand close to yourself, Palms open, listen, wait First notes reflect the spirit.  You brought your anger and sorrow Now, dance upon them Allow darkness to reveal the new dream Call this to spiral, rise, and twist within Descend and root in solace Emerge from grief. Blow last… Read more »

The Sacred Now

Now is the time to know that all you do is sacred.  In late 1300, Hafiz wrote the poem, Now Is The Time.  His words remain resonant in 2015; an ancient call to arms reinstating what is always needed, and has always been true.  There is never a better now to expand consciousness and consecrate… Read more »


Come to the orchard of sacred imagination Come, be with yourself In sounds of the sitar And orange blossom’s scented sweetness.

Fall’s Dark Wing

The morning’s magnificence, splendor of a burnished sun vibrating an electric sky, rides under the dark wing of sorrow.

Lean Back

Allowing unknown happiness by surrendering, and shifting consciousness. Revealed in photos – Poppy fields of Provence.