Blood Moon

Blood Moon She rises in the spring sky A pendulous weight Growing gold through dark cloud Evoking Primitive memory. If she were not magic enough Shadow swells, scything the face  Until her wanton light occults Then Blood red blood she hangs Accepting the veil Mystery and mayhem replete.       Transformation of Astrology &… Read more »

March In New England

        March In New England Winter’s dark wreckage Is coin of the realm. Its choppy sea of crusted snow Covers a heaving earth Trembling in wait Wild with green longing, Juicy and plump Despite desiccated cold. I need only remember~ Remaining as rich as my dreams.   Astrology & Yoga of Transformation … Read more »

All Things Bright & Beautiful

Before word, was breath Before breath-light  Numinous sound clouds Carried spirit’s  delight.   As it was in heaven, Gathered hand to hand, Song and chant steadied soul’s Descent upon the land.   Sharing who we are We celebrate on earth First, light, next-breath Then word – gives us birth.   Astrology & Yoga of Transformation… Read more »

Summer Sound Bites

The hawk, spiraling on thermals.  Swoops in, black wings spread, Warning screes piercing somnolence. The rabbit, its own size, Object of desire- squeals terror, Song birds silenced, perch hostage in shadow. The day, drenched in its heat, The round light consuming slow hours, Stopped for a small death. The stillness disturbed long enough for Time… Read more »

Solstice Reverie

  Solstice Reverie   The sky arcs up and out as earth lifts herself Awaiting the long-night. The Sun God moves to stand-still  Leaving seductive seed. We guess this secret dance Abandon life to it And await the lover’s descent, The earth’s quivering brace  Feet dancing the belly of the beloved Who offers warm milk-teats,… Read more »

Under The Green Moon

Under the green moon And the scent of love We succor the wounded Healing what cannot be helped.

Born From The Dark

Like the Moon, I am new Again- shimmering, lifting, A scythe cutting Across purpled black skies Reborn from my dark self. Sweetness in life after life Re-cycled and worn, wearing Memories as musk Scenting light Night by night Expanding babe-slit of silver, becoming Vast roundness, wisdom and folly.

Bartering Love

In every hour, Do we come to the table To barter love? Is the journey Parsifal’s tale, Seeking Self In all the wrong places? Do we head for the shelf With first kiss? Seeds of passion sculpting countenance Velveteen Rabbits with luck, Damaged beyond repair Replete with love. Is pain the cradle of compassion? Is… Read more »